Twitter’s Fabric Partners with Branch to Add Deep Linking to Their Mobile Development Toolkit

We are proud to announce that the Branch deep linking and attribution toolkit is now available on Twitter’s Fabric platform. In addition to offering Branch to all Fabric users, we have worked together to build powerful solutions that add the benefits of Branch deep links to the existing Fabric kits, starting with Answers, the most widely used mobile app analytics tool on the market. As both Branch and Fabric are free for developers, this integration runs at no charge.Branch and Fabric Partnership

The Branch and Answers integration will provide developers with the ability to see which channel/content is driving the most installs, along with how current users are sharing their apps. Working right out of the box with Answers, Branch will empower developers who are already using Fabric to easily start optimizing their marketing campaigns.

The Fabric Kit Focused on Growth

At Branch, we improve mobile experiences with our industry leading deep linking toolkit. Branch links work across desktop, Android and iOS, handling over 6000 different edge cases to make sure your user gets the best possible experience. You can also brand your Branch links with your own domain, which helps drive the higher click through rates compared to generic tracking links.

Best of all, your Branch links carry data through the app store and install process, which allows apps to recognize where new users are coming from; as well as to provide personalized onboarding experiences that drive new users to the in-app content they want to see. The Branch dashboard provides insights into where your users are coming from, breaking through the data blockade that is the app store. All of our  core capabilities and pre built product features are designed to improve user acquisition, engagement, and retention rates.

Track the In-app Value of Your Deep Links

In-app analytics is an essential piece of any app developer’s or marketer’s toolkit, providing a detailed view of what your users are doing. However, without knowledge of where your most engaged and valuable users are coming from, in-app analytics data becomes less actionable and provides limited information about how to improve user acquisition initiatives. The Branch and Answers integration helps overcome this basic limitation to give you insights into which channels attract the your most valuable users.

fabric dashboard

                                        (**not real dashboard data for 8tracks)

8tracks, a popular app that lets users create music playlists with friends, could potentially use Branch and Answers together to uncover new insights that will inform their growth campaigns. Using Answers, 8tracks monitors its in-app performance, keeping a close eye on stats like the number of new users acquired week over week, monthly active users (MAUs), and average session length. Using Branch, 8tracks identifies which channels, content, and product features are driving users into their app.

As a subscription based service, whose primary selling point to its customers is the ability to create and share playlists with friends, 8tracks knows their business’s success ultimately depends on the success of their word of mouth/referral marketing, as well as the number of new MAUs their app has at any given time. Using Branch data within their Answers dashboard, 8tracks can see how many new users are coming in as a result of their user invite and content sharing features. And even how many of those new users are driving growth by sharing content or inviting friends.

Coming Soon: Bridging the Gap Between In-App and Acquisition Data

In the future, we plan to build additional use cases leveraging Branch and Answers so that customers like 8tracks can determine the most effective methods of acquiring valuable users. Apps will be able to leverage Branch’s organic user segments (built using the content, channel, and product feature that drove users into an app) with Answers’ powerful in-app analytics and activity monitoring. Developers can get a more complete view of how specific aspects of their app’s design, content and marketing impact its growth and success.

Integrating Branch Using Fabric

The Branch and Answers integration is the first of many more native integrations between Branch and Fabric kits, all of which will be designed to help developers leverage Branch’s deep link and attribution technology for more of their mobile growth efforts.

Now that Branch is available through Fabric, you too can take advantage of the benefits the partnership offers. To start the integration, head to and follow the quick instructions there. (Fabric can automatically provision your keys so you can easily onboard your app. You can also get our SDK updates in one click via Fabric).

fabric dashboard

Interested in learning more? Read about the partnership announcement on the Fabric blog. If you’re new to Branch, you can create your new Branch account for free through To learn more about Branch, head over