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Meet the New Branch University!

Branch is thrilled to announce the revamped Branch University, packed with interactive resources, comprehensive training, and certifications.

How To Combine Attribution Data With Media Mix Modeling

Now that marketing teams are forced to reconcile multiple sources of measurement to determine what to do, there is an opportunity to include media mix modeling with the more granular attribution methods. Branch's Adam Landis recently sat down with Michael Kaminsky, co-CEO and co-founder of Recast, to chat about how companies are combining holistic statistically-driven models like MMM with attribution data.

Financial Services Mobile Growth Playbook

In this playbook, we explore ways that financial services brands can grow their mobile presence and tap into apps for acquisition, retention, and increased conversions.

Sixes, Networking, and Success: A Recap of the Mobile Growth Cricket League 2024

Held at the RCC Sports Club in Gurgaon, the Mobile Growth Cricket League brought together leading mobile brands for a day of friendly competition. Baazi Games, Branch, Cars24, Cheil, Lyxel & Flamingo, Junglee Games,, and MoEngage all sent their best players to the crease, with over 150 participants taking part in the cricketing extravaganza.

You Built a Mobile App. Now What?

As a marketer, you need to make users aware of your app, convince them to choose the app experience over other channels, and keep them continuously engaged and satisfied.