The deep linking solution to Private Relay

On-device innovation that creates great linking experiences without compromising privacy.

A seamless, user-friendly mobile deep linking experience

NativeLink™ delivers a reliable, deferred deep linking solution that solves the impact of Private Relay without relying on an IP address.

Ensure a seamless deep linking experience

Take users to the content they expect through install with an on-device solution that works without the need for an IP address, even when iOS Private Relay is enabled.

Provide users complete control over their privacy

With no unique, personally identifiable information required, there is no privacy-tracking risk with NativeLink. It works by utilizing the native copy-and-paste functionality already built into the phone. Users can even opt out of the deep linked experience if they choose.

Dynamically detect and provide localized content

Localize into more than 20 languages so that the NativeLink deepview is based on the language detected by the browser.

Easily customize with your branding

Customize your NativeLink deepview to create a branded experience with HTML/CSS editor right in the Branch Dashboard.

Improve performance and attribution accuracy

Bring more attribution certainty to your data with this on-device technology that powers deep linking and attribution with a guaranteed match. Keep driving the metrics that matter with conversion rates consistent with those prior to Private Relay, while also staying in compliance with ATT for ads.

How does NativeLink work?


The user clicks a Branch link, and if they already have the app installed, they will be redirected to the relevant content in the app.


If the app is not installed, Branch will enable NativeLink. The user can choose to ‘Get the App’ to initiate the deferred deep link. They may also choose to opt out, in which case they will not be deep linked.


The user will then be brought to the App Store to download the app.


Once the app is installed, NativeLink will check the pasteboard. If the user did not opt out, the original URL is pasted and the user is brought directly to their desired location within the newly installed app.

Image with four phones next to each other showing how users get from an A&E TV series page all the way to the correct page in the app to watch the series

See it in action


Ready to take deferred deep linking to the next level?

Everything You Need to Know About iOS 16 and Pasteboard Opt-Ins

The much-anticipated release of iOS 16 in the fall of 2022 is set to impact user experiences and change the mobile landscape. With iOS Private Relay, ATT compliancy requirements, and new Pasteboard Access Permissions on the way, we at Branch are committed to ensuring our customers stay ahead of the curve and continue to deliver seamless user journeys