What is a mobile measurement partner?

Maximizing the value of your ad campaigns

How to measure incrementality 

Unlock marketing success with incrementality testing.

What is media mix modeling (MMM)?

Learn how to determine the impact of marketing strategies on sales and revenue.

What is a mobile linking platform (MLP)? 

Everything you need to know about MLPs, how they work, and how to pick the right one.

Image showing various icons including a hand tapping a button on a phone, a five star review, and a speedometer.

How to use QR codes for mobile growth

Learn how to turn offline audiences into app users.

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How to reengage and retain app users

Learn ten proven strategies for reengagement and retention.

Illustrative image of app reengagement.

How to leverage influencer marketing for mobile growth

Convert audiences into loyal app users.

Social media platform icons, including TikTok, Instagram, Snap, Twitter, Threads, YouTube, and Facebook.

What is app affiliate marketing?

Learn all the ins and outs of using app affiliate marketing to drive downloads and boost conversions.

How to get more mobile app installs

Drive more users to your mobile app.

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What is mobile deep linking?

Deliver seamless user experiences that drive conversions.

What is mobile attribution?

Get accurate, deduplicated attribution for all paid, owned, and earned channels.

How do Branch links work?

Learn the fundamentals of Branch’s contextual deep links.

What is a mobile referral program?

Learn how to increase your app’s k-factor with referrals.

How to use mobile analytics

Learn how to mobile analytics tools work, how to analyze mobile analytics data, and how to make the most of mobile analytics tools.

What is app store optimization?

Learn all about app store optimization (ASO), including ASO benefits, trends to maximize app visibility, and bonus tips for app marketing beyond ASO.

How to migrate from Firebase Dynamic Links

Learn how to transition from deprecated Firebase Dynamic Links to Branch.

What are app marketing strategies and examples?

This guide is full of helpful, effective app marketing strategies you can implement immediately.

How to prevent mobile ad fraud

Learn how to best stop fraudsters from undermining marketing efforts and draining ad budgets.

What are smart banners?

Streamline and personalize experiences to convert web users into loyal app users

How to build an app monetization strategy

Increase profitability, acquire new app users, and make a more successful app overall