Out of the inbox, into the app

Increase mobile engagement and conversions by linking email readers directly into your app

Power a seamless user experience

We plug into your existing systems to transform email marketing campaigns into a major driver for mobile website and app conversions and provide valuable insights for your overall email marketing strategy

Powerful ESP partnerships and expertise

Improve your email workflow, offer user experiences with less frustration, and enjoy new down-funnel attribution from email with Branch solutions for mobile-first and legacy email service providers (ESPs).

Links that work no matter what

We handle edge cases and ensure your email links always deliver users to the content they expect, so they’re more likely to convert and keep coming back.

Go beyond the click to unlock downstream insights from your emails

Understand the true impact of email campaigns with proper last-touch attribution for app events coming from email.

All of your insights in one place

Learn how your email campaigns fit into your broader marketing strategy with visibility for all your channels and platforms in the Branch Dashboard.

Provide a seamless path for complex user journeys

Use Journeys web-to-app smart banners to intelligently target email users who land on your website but do not have your app.

Get the most value from highly personalized, dynamic emails

Leverage integrations with advanced ESPs that specialize in dynamic content, and see the results from routing users to specific content in the app, rather than the home page.

Unversal email example showing an email from NBC notifying about a new show to watch with a direct link to the app where the viewer can watch right away

Results that count for the brands who get mobile right

Deep linking has turned our emails into a powerful channel to drive both app engagement and bottom line results. Branch’s Universal Email powers our best-performing campaigns.


Branch Customer, Max Mullen

Max Mullen, Instacart

With Branch Universal Email, about 40% of all email clicks from mobile devices have triggered new sessions in the app – a huge engagement increase that we weren’t able to deliver before.

Branch Customer: Eric-Spielman from theChive

Eric Spielman
VP of Product, theChive

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