Mobile Linking Platform (MLP)

Own your organic growth

Reliable linking and measurement for your owned and earned channels

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Happy users are the basis for mobile growth

Offer a seamless journey across all your organic marketing channels. Attract new users and keep them loyal to your app.

Links that just work

Deploy and scale reliable links that handle even complex edge cases.

New ways to acquire app users

Leverage organic channels to grow your app and unlock user value.

Visibility and measurement

Improve your ROI with data and insights across all your owned and earned marketing channels.

What is an MLP and why do you need ours?

A mobile linking platform (MLP) provides deep linking and attribution for owned and earned marketing channels. It is a critical but separate solution that complements the paid ad functionality of a mobile measurement partner (MMP). We built Branch to perfect both functions.

Branch‘s MLP powers world-class, deep linked user experiences from owned and earned channels.

  • Unlock opportunities for app acquisition and engagement with links that just work
  • Fill the attribution gap with unparalleled match rates for channels that were once hard to measure and optimize
  • Open new ways to grow your app, while navigating the changing mobile industry
  • Understand the impact of every owned and earned touchpoint

With Branch as your MLP, expect dynamic mobile growth with increased conversions and higher lifetime value (LTV) users.

Build once, link everywhere

Drive users to your app from owned and earned channels


From inbox to app with just one click

Get the experience right for valuable app users with deep links that adapt to any edge case to keep performing flawlessly. Understand how and why they worked thanks to industry-leading email service provider (ESP) relationships that allow you to enrich your current campaign workflows and analytics.

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Take your users where you want them

Set up deep-linked smart banners to thoughtfully route visitors and users from your mobile site, through the app store, and back to the desired content within your app for a personalized experience that eliminates drop off.

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Create the missing link for your brand

Increase your click-through rates from social media with branded deep links that can be created in seconds. Your organic social links will work everywhere, whether it’s a click on TikTok on iOS, Instagram on Android, or any other combination of platforms.

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Bridge the offline-to-online gap

Use QR codes to route users to relevant in-app content, reduce drop off, and increase app adoption via direct mail, onsite, print, desktop, and TV campaigns.

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Optimize organic search in an app-first world

Measure the ROI and impact of SEO with insight into app opens and down-funnel events that come from organic web search results.

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Solve for all your complexities

Data integrations

Set up off-the-shelf data export integrations with common marketing platforms.

Guaranteed matching

Know when a user who clicks a link is guaranteed to be the same user inside the app.

Powerful APIs

Create links and export attribution data with fully-featured APIs.

Cross-channel dashboard

Flexible reporting shows attribution data for all of your channels in one place.

Battle-tested SDKs

High-quality, open-source SDKs support all development environments.

Branded link URLs

Customize every part of your short links to match your brand.

Why choose Branch?

Over 100,000 companies – from startups to Fortune 500 brands – have chosen Branch to grow their business, improve their customer experience, and optimize campaign performance.

Shield your teams from systemic industry disruptions

The mobile world is full of chaos. We shoulder the burden of this constant change on your behalf.

Rest assured with our proven privacy leadership

Protecting user privacy is non-negotiable. We understand and support your privacy compliance efforts.

Access guidance and advice from experts

We act as an extension of your team to guide you with the knowledge required to grow your app.

Get standardized channel data in one place

Stop scrambling to piece together the metrics you need to make business decisions; we deliver them all in one place.