How To Find The Right Deep Linking Solution

In a previous blog, we shared deep linking benefits and best practices. Now we’ll explain how to find the right deep linking solution for you. Let’s start with more about the two main deep linking solution options: mobile linking platforms (MLPs) and mobile measurement partners (MMPs). 

What is an MLP and what does it have to do with deep linking? 

MLPs offer deep linking and measurement across owned, earned, and organic channels. They provide a configurable linking solution for brands that want to ensure their deep links work — always. 

At its core, an MLP is a hosted platform that will route all your deep links and provide a portal for creating, editing, and measuring deep links. It does all of this while allowing collaboration among teams. 

Not only that, but you should also expect an MLP to maintain user context across devices, providing detailed measurement reports and valuable insights about how your links and campaigns are performing. 

Ultimately, an MLP should provide the tools to help your brand drive conversions and increase return on investment (ROI) across non-paid channels such as email, QR codes, organic social, and smart banners

What is an MMP and how does it fit into deep linking? 

MMPs provide deep linking for advertisements and allow marketers to measure campaign performance without bias — independent of influence. Mobile apps that use an MMP can measure ad campaigns from different networks with a single software development kit (SDK), rather than needing to integrate a new SDK for each ad network. 

How to choose the right deep linking solution for your needs 

In making a decision between an MMP and an MLP (or both), the ideal solution includes streamlined attribution and engagement strategies across all of your existing and emerging platforms, devices, and channels. 

Photo of smart phone displaying a social media advertisement post as an example of MMPs used for deep linking and measurement in ads.
MMPs are ideal for deep linking and measurement in ads. 

Paid ads-to-app 

MMPs can give you higher campaign ROI through better deep linked user experiences as well as accurate attribution, even when the user’s path to conversion is complex. 

Image of smart phone social media post containing deep links.
MLPs are ideal for deep linking and measurement in owned and earned channels. 


MLPs are perfect for seamless email-to-app experiences — and for helping take users to the best available experience whether they already downloaded your app or not. 

Social media-to-app 

MLPs enable deep linked social media content to help users escape walled gardens on mobile so apps can acquire new users, engage current users, and motivate growth. 


Nurture user acquisition with an MLP by building seamless pathways like smart banners from your website to in-app content — thus utilizing an owned channel to upgrade users to a better, more sticky platform. 

QR code-to-app 

MLPs can also direct users to your app with QR codes, which can be placed at key engagement points, such as in-store displays, CTV, packaging, and more!

The power of combining an MLP and MMP

Combining both MLP and MMP solutions in one platform makes it easy to create, manage, and track deep links, while also providing reliable attribution for all your marketing campaigns — paid, owned, and earned. 

There are many benefits that come with partnering with a solution like Branch, that offers both an MLP and MMP. Branch empowers you to fully optimize your marketing efforts, use a single link to capture attribution for ads across platforms, and get detailed campaign insights that improve performance and increase understanding of omnichannel user activity via deep linking data. Additionally, Branch also saves you from trying to navigate the complex and ever-changing regulations alone. 

Because Branch is a cloud-based platform, you can be sure your links will always work — no matter what changes occur on your website or app. Furthermore, in every edge case, your deep links will route users to the best destination. 

In using the industry’s highest matching accuracy, Branch combines every deep linking standard into a single, simple package. It’s easy to implement and always up to date.

Want to learn even more about Branch deep links can help you grow your mobile app? Check out our Dive into Deep Linking guide.