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10 Tactics to Harness the Power of Paid Advertising in a Post-cookie Era

Should mobile marketers abandon paid advertising altogether? There’s a reason why “don’t give up on advertising” was the #1 don’t in our blog, Mobile in 2023: What to Do and What Not to Do. The answer lies in recognizing the continued value and potential of paid advertising even without traditional user identifiers.

How to Use 3 Pillars of Mobile Growth: Attribution, Measurement, & Testing

Mobile growth is often more an art than a science, but there are three pillars that every marketer should embrace to grow their businesses. Take it from an expert. Anthony Scarpaci, VP of Growth at Acorns, stopped by our podcast “How I Grew This” to give us the rundown on those pillars: attribution, measurement, and testing.

State of Mobile: What Mobile Leaders Are Saying

We surveyed* mobile growth leaders all over the world to understand how the current state of mobile is affecting app growth and business strategies. Here we explore a few key takeaways.

Mobile in 2023: What to Do and What Not to Do

Mobile in 2023 can seem a bit daunting, but with a few tweaks to your marketing strategies, growth is still on the horizon. The world of mobile is a world of possibility, so let's get started!