European Union Data Footprint Update

At Branch, we’re always looking for ways to better support our customers, and it’s in that spirit that we are sharing an update about our European Union data footprint.

For customers that want to reduce the amount of personal data processing and storage undertaken in the U.S., we are localizing certain processing and storage activities to the E.U. and will increase those activities over time. Branch selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) — which is known for its best-in-class privacy and security protections — for this effort, so you can rest assured that regulations are being adhered to and your data is protected.

The high level

What is included in this feature?

  • Regional data ingestion: Branch customers will have the ability to ingest event data from Branch’s SDKs at local endpoints, ensuring that the first step in processing data will take place in the E.U.
  • Regional data storage and access: Branch customers will have the ability to locally store and access their log-level analytics data in AWS’s E.U. infrastructure. The log level analytics data will be encrypted at rest and logically isolated in Amazon S3. Customers will be able to leverage Branch’s various APIs to access this data.

Getting started

This functionality will first be available to new customers, who now have the option to choose the EU Hosted Data product to localize certain processing and storage activities to in the E.U. We will not support splitting traffic between the N.A. and E.U. regions for a single app ID; you must choose one region or the other. There is no additional fee for this functionality.

In the future, we will be expanding this capability to our existing enterprise customers, so stay tuned.

Reach out to our sales team to learn more.