Enhance Your Campaign Data with Scheduled Log Exports

At Branch, we understand your need to make data-driven decisions as a mobile marketer. That’s why our goal is to provide you with the highest quality data, so you can better understand and optimize your mobile app campaigns. As part of our commitment to provide the best data tools in the mobile industry, we’ve added Scheduled Log Exports to our powerful suite of export APIs to give you the data you need to increase campaign ROI. 

Scheduled Log Exports combines data customization and flexibility, allowing you to experience total data freedom. Now, you can receive updates on campaign performance in one central location, as frequently as every hour. Monitor data trends with ease. Send data to clients, partners and team members, even if they don’t have access to the Branch dashboard. Choose the specific data you want to see in your reports. Getting the precise data you need to optimize your mobile app campaigns has never been easier. 

Scheduled Log Exports Levels Up Your Campaign Data

Scheduled Log Exports provides you with the following benefits, all of which enhance data customization and flexibility:

  1. Get your data sooner. With Scheduled Log Exports, choose the cadence you’d like to have your data exported. With the ability to have your data delivered either hourly or daily, get the most updated data you need to make informed campaign decisions. 
  2. Select your own data columns. Get only the exact data you want and nothing else with the ability to choose which data columns you’d like to export. No need to view extra data columns that you never use. 
  3. Filter your data. If you only want to export a certain type of data, such as attributed installs or purchases attributed to Facebook, now you can. Get the data that most matters to you
  4. Export your data directly to your S3 bucket. No need to manually request exports. Instead, your data goes directly to your S3 bucket where you can access it at any time. 
  5. Set up recurring exports to agency and ad network partners. Set up regular exports to agencies with the ability to hide certain data from partners to protect privacy, increasing your control over your data. 
  6. Set up recurring emails with custom reports. Share agency-attributed installs with your agency via email; share ad network postback records with your ad network.

With more personalized reporting, access your data more quickly without the need to make manual requests. With data delivered directly to you, you can confidently make informed decisions that will uplevel your mobile app campaigns.

This feature is available to customers using Data Feeds. To get access, reach out to your Branch customer success manager. For more information on Scheduled Log Exports, read our quick-start guide and API reference docs