Flexible Custom Exports and Agency Access: Export Exactly the Data You Need

Meet Custom Exports from Branch

Your data has to be complete and accurate, and you need to be able to get it when, where, and how you want it. You may be familiar with Branch’s Daily Exports, which are great for pulling log level data for a particular app in batches on a daily basis. If you’re looking for something more flexible, you’re in luck. Branch newly offers the most fully-featured export product available in the industry for highly customizable report generation. 

As part of our Data Feeds solution, our Custom Export UI allows for complex filtering, so you can download logs for specific campaigns, specify an exact start and stop time, choose which columns to include in the report, and filter so you only receive the data you need on a per-report basis.

All of this is available via API for programmatic access and gives Branch power users the ability to pull data for hyper-specific queries. Our Custom Export API supports filtering on all 300 fields, including date (parsing down to the second) and customizable time zone selection for distributed teams. Branch is the only attribution company to offer support for up to 2 million rows by default, unlike other industry-standard APIs that limit files to 200,000 rows. Moreover, you can send us a note if you have needs beyond 2 million rows.


To highlight a few use cases: you can download timestamps and IDFAs for all attributed purchases in the last week, pull yesterday’s web and app signups in your local timezone, and download metadata for installs attributed to a specific agency and ad network. You can even export all purchases made across web and app, to see which campaign (whether it was an ad, email, or quick link) drove each purchase. 

The real magic happens when you harness your most valuable Branch data and users to personalize messages and optimize campaigns across channels. If you’re looking to drive purchases, you can retarget advertising IDs of users who abandoned their cart or interacted with your specific Journeys creative. If you’re hoping to increase your app’s k-factor, you can send an encouraging “share the love” push or in-app message to a list of users who installed your app via share link. The possibilities are immense with this data at your fingertips. 

Getting Started

To access the UI or API, a user must be a part of an agency or ad network that has been added to a Branch App or Org. Additionally, accessing the API requires all users, including agency and ad network users, to create their own access tokens. They can do so on the User tab of the Account Settings page.

Customer-Controlled Agency and Network Access 

A huge advantage of this export system is having the ability to transport data safely to third parties. Agencies and ad networks often come to the Branch dashboard to look at relevant campaign data. Thanks to our permissions set up for customers, you can control how your agencies and ad networks view and export your data. By resurfacing relevant Branch data on their own side via the Custom Export API, they can evaluate performance of your mobile campaigns compared to your other campaigns and calculate ROI to help you with channel and budget allocation.

Most notably, the Custom Export API allows agencies and networks to export postback records and fraudulent data. By analyzing raw fraud data, Branch customers, as well as agencies and ad networks, can make decisions about blocking sub-publishers or reallocating spend. Ad networks can also troubleshoot campaign setup issues and help reconcile data discrepancies by looking through postback records. We want to make it as easy as possible to isolate and address fraud and postback configuration challenges.

How to Setup Your Agencies and Networks

You have the power to adjust and optimize agency access levels based on the dynamic relationship you have with your partners. With many options at your fingertips, we’ve laid out recommendations in example setups below.


Above, the admin has given the agency access to Exports, Aggregate Data, and Sensitive Data, which would allow for downloading log-level install, postback, and purchase data. We do not recommend giving agencies or network users access to App-Level Settings, which, in conjunction with Sensitive Data, would give the user unrestricted log level data. 

We do advise granting your agency view access to Fraud Settings & Data, so they can export fraud data. This has been proven to help partners optimize spend and reach the users most valuable to you.

To limit the data your agency can export to only include the links, analytics, and postbacks associated with their agency ID, simply toggle the filter to only show agency-tagged data.

You’ll go about adding and setting up an ad network as if it were an agency right up to the Data Filtering section, which you’ll handle differently if you want to limit how the network sees data. Rather than checking the agency-tagged toggle, you’ll jump ahead to indicate that you should “only show data from specific ad networks,” and select the network from the dropdown.


Our fully-featured Custom Exports give you the freedom to export all the data you need, so you and your trusted partners can optimize your campaign performance and improve your mobile strategy. Jump right into the Dashboard to get started! 

You can read our documentation or contact support to learn more. Agency-related questions can be directed to [email protected], and Network-related questions can be directed to Andrew Abrahm at [email protected].