Branch, CCPA, and CPRA

On January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) took effect. The California Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”) amendments to the CCPA become effective January 1, 2023. Building on the privacy foundation established through our GDPR compliance efforts, Branch is committed to ensuring that our services continue to comply with the CCPA.

We have created this CCPA resource page to help you understand the steps that Branch has taken regarding its own CCPA compliance, and the tools available to our customers to enable the use of Branch’s services in a CCPA-compliant way.

In this guide, we have capitalized terms defined by the CCPA, as amended by the CPRA, so you can easily identify them.

The role of Branch under CCPA

How does the CCPA apply to the relationship between Branch and its customers?

If you are using Branch analytics and deep-linking services as a customer, there is an agreement between you and Branch that describes the services that Branch provides to you. This agreement may include order forms, exhibits, or addenda, and serves as your instruction to Branch to process personal data as part of Branch’s performance of our services. For the purposes of the CCPA, the data that Branch collects on behalf of its customers may include Personal Information.

When using our analytics and deep-linking services, if you are subject to the CCPA, you are a “Business” and Branch is your “Service Provider,” as those terms are defined in the CCPA. Your disclosure of Personal Information related to your end users with Branch, and Branch’s collection on your behalf of Personal Information related to your end users, are done to facilitate Branch’s performance of its services that you contracted for.


Branch Will Never Sell or Share Personal Information

As part of its provision of analytics and deep-linking services to you, Branch does not “Sell” or “Share” Personal Information of your end users as defined under the CCPA.

This Addendum supplements our agreement with you and confirms our commitment to not Sell or Share Personal Information as part of our analytics and deep-linking services.

How Branch supports CCPA compliance for our customers

CCPA Addendum

Branch has updated its terms to codify our position as your Service Provider (as defined by CCPA). We’ve made our California Privacy addendum available for review, which reflects our CCPA standards. This California Privacy Addendum supplements our agreement with you and confirms our commitment to not Sell or Share Personal Information in violation of the CCPA.

California Privacy Addendum

Handling Consumer Rights Requests

As a Business, it is your responsibility under the CCPA to respond to requests relating to the Personal Information of your end users, including end user requests to access, delete, or correct their Personal Information.

Verifiable Consumer Requests

As a Service Provider under the CCPA, Branch works with you when your end users contact you to exercise their rights under the CCPA to obtain access to, delete, or correct Personal Information.

Branch will follow your instructions to delete or rectify Personal Information as required under the law, unless Branch concludes that it is necessary for Branch to maintain such Personal Information for one or more permitted purposes under applicable law (e.g., to detect fraudulent or illegal activity, or to prosecute those responsible for these activities).

To submit an end-user request to our team, reach out to us through our data subject request portal and we will work with you to fulfill your end user’s request for Personal Information we process on your behalf. Please include in that request the end-user’s advertising identifier (e.g., IDFA/GAID), and the date you received the end-user’s request. For further information about how to submit these requests to Branch on behalf of your end users, please click here.

Submit Request

CCPA & CPRA – Updated Privacy Policy

Branch’s privacy policy reflects applicable disclosure requirements under the CCPA, as amended by the CPRA. If you have any questions related to Branch’s CCPA compliance efforts, please contact our Privacy Team at: [email protected].

How to make a request to Branch under CCPA

If you are a Branch customer who has end users that are California residents and that wish to exercise their CCPA rights, please click below to submit your request on their behalf.

Submit Request 

Other Resources

Data collected by Branch

Read our Privacy Policy for full details on the types of data Branch collects, and how we use each one to provide our services.

List of third-party vendors

We maintain a list of vendors that process personal data on Branch’s behalf, and the purpose for which we share data with each of these vendors.

California Privacy Addendum

This Addendum supplements our agreement with you and confirms our commitment to not Sell Personal Information.