Introducing Agency Access for Branch

Here at Branch, we know trusted agencies are often involved in carrying out important business functions for our mutual customers. We also understand how important it is for our customers to be entirely comfortable with the levels of functionality and data access permitted to any outside member of their dashboard.

Branch is pleased to introduce a way for agencies to fulfill customer needs without compromising data privacy. With Agency Permissions, our customers will now be able to grant their agencies and ad networks select access to campaign management and analysis within their Branch dashboard.

Agency Setup

Customers will have complete control over agencies’ access to their dashboards, on both the agency and the agency user level. In order to invite an agency to access their dashboard, customers will use the new Agencies tab in Account Settings.

We’ve added four new data filters, which customers can use to restrict agency access to various types of data in the dashboard. Those filters are:

Agency-Tagged Data: This filter allows agencies to access data from the campaigns they create/manage, and those campaigns alone. All agency-created links (and Journeys) will automatically have an agency ID attached to ensure access is limited to these tagged campaigns.


Revenue data: Customers can limit agency users’ access to their revenue data.

Ad network data: Customers can limit agency users’ access to data from specific ad networks.

Location data: Customers can limit agency users’ access to data from specific countries.

Beyond these filters, some actions are restricted from agency access (i.e. modifying permanent team lists, resetting app keys/secrets, deleting apps).

As the industry continues to trust Branch to power and measure campaigns, we’re excited to help ensure our customers have the ability to securely share select insights with their agencies as they work to drive growth and engagement.