Branch Journeys

Web to app made effortless

Convert web visitors into loyal app users with the industry’s most robust smart banners

Provide web visitors with a quick and seamless pathway into relevant app content

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Drive app acquisition

Leverage your website to prompt new downloads, without relying on expensive app install ads.

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Deliver experiences that convert

Increase your web-to-app conversion rate by using personalized app banners.

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Increase app engagement

Guide customers from your website into your native app for longer, more valuable sessions.

Seamless, personalized experiences
  • Target your audience with behavioral and contextual parameters
  • Route users from the web to the same content in your app with deferred deep linking
  • Optimize your banner creative and copy with A/B testing tools and liquid tags
Customizable templates
  • Easily edit smart banner templates with WYSIWYG and CSS editors
  • Launch smart banner campaigns on your schedule
  • Leverage a pre-built, customizable library of smart banner templates
Attribution and analytics
  • Pass referring attribution data through the smart banner flow
  • View Journeys performance right in the Branch dashboard
  • View down-funnel events, conversion rates, and long-term trends, broken down by campaign, device type, OS, and more

From our customers

By leveraging Branch’s web-to-app smart banners, our marketing team finally has an efficient way to help our web customers discover or re-engage with our app. The level of customization Journeys offers allows us to constantly test and improve our approach.


Claire Lecherf
Senior Traffic Manager, La Redoute

Branch helps us convert our website into a source of new app downloads and purchases. With the help of Branch Journeys, we can show personalized banners on the mobile web to increase our web-to-app conversions.

Ankit Bansal Headshot

Ankit Bansal
Head of Digital Marketing, 6thStreet

Our goal at Omio is to provide the most value to our users, by creating a mobile-first, frictionless travel experience. With Branch, we seamlessly guide users from web to app with multiple personalized assets through deep linking in an effortless way.

Stephanie Schlanert Headshot

Stephanie Schlanert
Senior Online Marketing Manager, Omio

“Working with Branch has been a top-notch experience. It stands out as some of the best technical support I’ve ever encountered when collaborating with another team. The responsiveness is unparalleled — rarely do I have to wait more than a few hours for a response. The most significant impact of Branch’s technology is the direct attribution, allowing us to measure the app install impacts accurately based on user actions taken on our website. It’s a game changer for understanding and optimizing our campaigns.”

Sean Fitzpatrick
Sr. Product Manager, Growth, IMDb

How it works


Step 1

Create a new Journeys banner to build your audience based on activity, referring site, operating system, and more.

Step 2

Select from a library of templates that can be customized with CSS or our WYSIWYG editor – find inspiration with this collection.

Step 3

Choose to start your campaign at your convenience.

Step 4

Measure the results of your smart banner performance in the dashboard.

Journeys examples with Shop by Shopify and TBS Smart banners next to the WISYWIG code

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