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How To Send Branch Events to Adobe Analytics

With Branch and Adobe Analytics, you can better optimize customer experiences, improve campaign performance, and create a holistic view of end-to-end customer journeys across mobile, desktop, TV, and offline channels. Branch can help you make this partnership one that drives growth and engagement for your mobile experience.

The 5 Latest Improvements to the Branch Dashboard

These include pre-configured export reports, report previews, the ability to view a local currency alongside USD, and a few other notable analytics improvements. The changes are focused on helping improve your user experience and save you time whenever possible.

Everything You Need to Know About iOS 16 and Pasteboard Opt-Ins

The much-anticipated release of iOS 16 in the fall of 2022 is set to impact user experiences and change the mobile landscape. With iOS Private Relay, ATT compliancy requirements, and new Pasteboard Access Permissions on the way, we at Branch are committed to ensuring our customers stay ahead of the curve and continue to deliver seamless user journeys

What Mobile App Events Should You Track With Your MMP?

Measuring the important KPI events for your business, downstream events users perform after installing your app, and important conversion events used for ads optimization with Branch’s SAN integrations can help a business understand what works and what doesn’t.