Mobile Growth Online in 2023: A Look Back at Expert Advice and Insights

It’s been quite a year for our Mobile Growth Online webinar series. Fourteen global webinars featuring 41 speakers from 39 companies acriss various verticals, including gambling, entertainment, e-commerce, fintech, quick-service restaurants, and telecom.

past speakers

Here’s a glimpse of the insights, advice, and industry trends we heard at MGO events this year.

Key takeaways:

  • Listen to your audience. Collect feedback to improve your product and service offerings. You’ll achieve higher lifetime value (LTV) because users are getting more of what they want. Prioritizing and understanding your customers’ needs is critical to build a better product.
  • Measure measure measure. Almost every speaker described that experimentation is the key to success. Obtain data from multiple sources to measure and optimize your campaign performance.
  • Embrace AI. AI will be prominent, so it’s not a matter of “if” but “how” your team will use it. MGO panelists recounted using AI to sort content libraries, recommend old content to update, and translate content into different languages.
  • Make the most of your resources. Amid economic slowdowns and budget cuts for many organizations, 2023 was a year of learning and reflection for teams. They used their time to slow down and think about what matters the most for their long-term goals. The best advice we heard to double down on efficiencies to get the most bang for your buck.
  • Prepare for upcoming iOS updates. More iOS changes are coming. Reach out to vendors in advance so you and your app are prepared for feature updates and avoid potential functionality impacts.
  • Connect the dots and leverage a multi-channel strategy. Marketers who leverage a multi-channel strategy see better conversion rates than those who focus on only one channel. MGO speakers discussed how this strategy applies to their respective verticals and how it can boost return on advertising spend (ROAS).
  • Get reliable sources of data. MGO panelists reinforced the importance of relying data to test and evaluate campaigns. These insights are critical to guide future strategies, iterate on previous efforts, and achieve better results.

Let’s dive into a few of our favorite moments from the year.

March Mobile Growth Online

March’s very special edition of MGO featured a roundtable of four women in leadership roles. They shared their best bits of advice, growth strategies, and discussed the qualities women leaders need to be successful in the mobile industry and how to cultivate those qualities in their teams. You can tune in to webinar on-demand to learn more about their unique digital marketing approaches in both B2B and B2C business models.

Siara Nazir, former Head of Growth Marketing at Autodesk, shared that one of her projects was to build an AI model to predict customers’ behavior with combined data.

“As we evolve, intent is the most powerful tool for marketers with data. [With AI], we are able to generate a more compelling and relevant customer experience.”

headshot of siara nazir

Siara Nazir, former Head of Growth Marketing

June Mobile Growth Online

In June, we welcomed speakers from Coursera, Scribd, Super, and Dish who delved into various acquisition strategies, predicting behavior, and how to take action from the moment of first install. They also touched on how to find the right balance between showing product functionality to users versus displaying content.

Robin Rahe provided insightful details on how to “narrow personalization” to not only get the right content in front of users, but also recommend content that resonates.

“How can we put users back in the driver seat of their experience and actually give us that feedback knowingly?”

Robin Rahe, Director of Product Management

October Mobile Growth Online

In October, speakers from Hallow, Tastemade, and Bed Bath & Beyond shared stories of their exciting projects in 2023 and a preview of what to come in 2024. Tastemade and Hallow — both content-heavy apps shared their takes on AI and how it will improve content personalization in the coming years.

Kolten King from Bed Bath & Beyond shared major learnings from the company’s app launch following its Overstock acquisition. He detailed how both brand strategies were vastly different despite being in the same vertical.

We also asked speakers about app store optimization (ASO) techniques to learn what did or didn’t work. Stephen Spiewak from Hallow highlighted that taking advantage of seasonality helps them boost visibility in app stores. For example, the biggest day for Hallow is Ash Wednesday, which is the start of the period of lent for Catholics and Christians. The focus a significant amount of their marketing resources — organic, paid, influencer marketing, and public relations — to drive people to the app on that particular day. This year, Hallow’s efforts achieved a #3 ranking across all free apps in the Apple App Store.

“Recognizing and embracing seasonality and aligning our efforts led to the biggest spike and impact when it mattered the most.”

Stephen Spiewak, Director of Organic Marketing