Leaders in Mobile Growth Mumbai 2024: Here’s What You Missed

Attendees of Leaders in Mobile Growth Mumbai pose for a group photo.

On May 23, 2024, Branch hosted the highly anticipated Leaders in Mobile Growth event at The St. Regis Mumbai. The day included captivating sessions by esteemed speakers and industry experts, offering valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing marketers in today’s dynamic digital ecosystem. From navigating the intricacies of mobile user acquisition to harnessing the power of data analytics for personalized customer experiences, each session delved into key facets of mobile growth strategy, best practices, and emerging trends.

Our commitment to fostering dialogue and collaboration among participants was the foundation of the event, creating an environment conducive to learning, sharing, and networking. Through engaging panel discussions, thought-provoking keynotes, and interactive breakout sessions, attendees had the opportunity to exchange ideas, forge connections, and learn actionable strategies to drive mobile growth initiatives within their organizations.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the key sessions: 

Navigating the Mobile Growth Horizon: Future-Forward Strategies in 2024

The day began with an enlightening keynote by Irina Bukatik, VP of product at Branch, who underscored the importance of going beyond user acquisition. She emphasized the need to focus on return on investment (ROI) and foster user engagement through exceptional experiences. Irina’s presentation set a forward-thinking tone, showcasing the shift toward sustainable growth methodologies within the mobile ecosystem.

Irina Bukatik speaks into a microphone on stage in front of a diagram labeled “Retention.”

Mastering Mobile Success: Decoding the Winning Formula

Ravinder Bhamra, country head at Bajaj Finserv, captivated the audience with compelling success stories of her company’s app’s growth trajectory, crediting a significant portion of its achievements to its collaboration with Branch. Her session gave attendees practical insights into attaining and sustaining mobile success, offering a replicable blueprint for other enterprises.

Ravinder Bhamra speaks on stage.

Strategic Brand Building & User Acquisition: Proven Paid Media Strategies

Shalet Roy, director of business development at our platinum sponsor, VEVE, delivered a thought-provoking keynote on effective paid media strategies in a smartphone-first world. Their expert analysis on strategic brand building and user acquisition, along with the demonstration of effective methodologies to thrive in today’s competitive market, resonated with the audience.

Shalet Roy speaks on stage.

Leveraging Data and Martech for Tailored Customer Experiences

Arnab Ganguly, senior director of analytics and business insights at Tata Digital, presented actionable insights on leveraging data and marketing technology to create personalized customer experiences. His session highlighted the transformative power of data in crafting compelling marketing campaigns and fostering customer loyalty.

Arnab Ganguly presents on stage in front of a large smartphone display that reads “Leaders in Mobile Growth Mumbai.”

Maximizing Marketing Performance & ROI

A key highlight of the event was the panel discussion featuring industry leaders Chirag Gupta, AVP product at CarWale; Ameet Phadke, chief business officer at EatSure, Rebel Foods; and Stephanie Herndon-Rasse, VP customer experience at Branch. The panelists shared their top strategies for maximizing marketing performance and ROI, offering diverse perspectives and pragmatic advice.

They addressed challenges marketers face today, including increasingly complex customer journeys, measuring ROI in a fragmented digital landscape, and balancing short-term results with long-term brand equity. The panelists emphasized the importance of data analytics, agile marketing practices, and cross-functional collaboration to overcome these hurdles. They also stressed the necessity of keeping the customer at the forefront of all strategies. 

The panelists underscored the importance of personalized experiences to drive engagement and loyalty. They highlighted the significance of understanding and anticipating customer needs, preferences, and behaviors. Their insights on balancing budget constraints with innovation provided actionable strategies for navigating the evolving marketing landscape.

Chirag Gupta, Ameet Phadke, and Stephanie Herndon-Rasse are each seated on stage in front of a round table.

The Future of Marketing Measurement

In a captivating fireside chat, Srinivas Seshadri, SVP business operations at Sokrati, took center stage to explore the future of marketing measurement in a cookie-less environment. With the impending changes in digital privacy regulations, including the deprecation of identifiers like the identifier for advertisers (IDFA) and Google Advertising Identifier (GAID), marketers are encountering unprecedented challenges in tracking and measuring campaign efficacy.

Seshadri expertly navigated the complexities of this shifting paradigm, shedding light on the implications for marketers and advertisers alike. He emphasized the need for adaptive strategies that leverage alternative methods of measurement and attribution while also respecting user privacy and data protection regulations.

Seshadri also provided strategic solutions to overcome these challenges, including adopting first-party data strategies, implementing contextual targeting techniques, and exploring innovative measurement methodologies. His insights offered a road map for marketers to navigate the evolving landscape with confidence, ensuring campaigns remain effective and compliant in a cookie-less future.

Furthermore, Seshadri delved into the concept of Privacy Sandbox, Google’s initiative to develop a more privacy-centric ecosystem for digital advertising. By fostering collaboration and innovation within the industry, the Privacy Sandbox aims to strike a balance between user privacy and advertising effectiveness, presenting new opportunities for marketers to thrive without cookies.

Attendees left the session with a newfound understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by the evolving marketing measurement landscape. 

Srinivas Seshadri is seated on stage, speaking into a microphone, addressing another man also seated on stage.

Engaging breakout sessions

Following the keynote sessions, attendees participated in smaller breakout groups to discuss pertinent topics, including:

  1. Emerging & Alternative Channels for Driving Acquisition
  2. Increasing Customer Retention
  3. Omnichannel Marketing Strategies
  4. Navigating Digital Transformation in a Mobile-Led World
  5. Enhancing Engagement Throughout the Customer Lifecycle
  6. The Future of Mobile Attribution and Linking in a World Without User-Level Identifiers
  7. Designing a Customer Data Strategy for Efficient Mobile Growth
  8. Bridging the Offline to Online User Journey

A group of seven men are in discussion, seated at a round table.

Three men appear on stage, and two of them are holding microphones.

A night to remember

Of course, it wouldn’t be an LIMG event without some fun. We ended the night with a raffle, and we’re delighted to congratulate our iPad winner, Karthik KVS, AVP growth at PayNearby!

Karthik KVS poses on stage accepting his iPad.

Leaders in Mobile Growth Mumbai was an invaluable experience that brought together the industry’s leading minds. The exchange of ideas, strategies, and insights will undoubtedly influence the future of the mobile growth landscape. We can’t wait for the next editions to continue this journey of innovation and success!

We extend our gratitude to all the speakers, sponsors, and attendees for contributing to the remarkable success of this event. See you next time!