The 2017 Mobile Growth Handbook

Note: Check out our 2018 Mobile Growth Handbook, filled with 120+ mobile growth best practices and tips from across the industry.

From wherever you approach it, the mobile app market is increasingly in the world’s spotlight. This year is projected to see $77 billion in total mobile app revenue, with 197 billion mobile app downloads (compared to 2016’s 149 billion). Despite the ever-increasing pool of mobile users, it’s becoming more and more difficult to discover new apps. In 2017, it’s no longer sufficient to strategically consider mobile—it has quickly become essential to prioritize mobile when forming product and marketing strategy.

Over the past year, we have hosted amazing speakers at our meetups around the world and on our online live webinars, and wanted to put some of the awesome tips and insights into one resource for mobile professionals. With our 2017 Mobile Growth Handbook, you’ll have the set of expert tips, tricks, and tools necessary to grow your mobile app. This 200+ page resource breaks down growth into four different distinct steps: Acquisition, Activation, Retention and Referral. Each section has a comprehensive overview, actionable steps for growth and tips from well known mobile growth experts.

The 2017 Mobile Growth Handbook includes:

  • Over 100 new tips, real-life hacks, and best practices from top mobile growth experts
  • Mobile Growth Chart with a list of metrics and available tools
  • Graphs, numbers, and data to help you understand the mobile app ecosystem
  • Links to the best blogs, sources, and community for Mobile Growth

This year’s contributing experts span far and wide—hailing from Amazon, BuzzFeed, Facebook, Foursquare, Lyft, Tinder, Spotify, Slack, and over fifty more—but they have one thing in common: they know mobile. So what are you waiting for? Give the Handbook a Tweet, share it on LinkedIn, and take your app’s mobile growth to the next level.