Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP)

Make your budget go further

Reliable linking and attribution for your paid advertising campaigns

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Turn ad spend into valuable users

Guide your target audience from paid campaigns to your app with reliable deep links and measurement you can trust.

Higher campaign ROI

Reduce user drop-off with reliable deep linking for your ads.

Accurate ad attribution

Get unbiased attribution for even your most complex ad campaigns.

All your insights in one place

See the impact of your paid campaigns in a single dashboard.

What is an MMP and why do you need ours?

A traditional mobile measurement partner (MMP) provides unbiased attribution across all your ad networks. When used together with a mobile linking platform (MLP) to attribute owned and earned channels, you get unprecedented visibility into all of your mobile marketing investments.

Branch’s next-generation MMP solution is designed to ensure accurate and unbiased data

  • Understand the user’s path to conversion, even when long and complex
  • Enjoy full support for the latest privacy-preserving attribution frameworks
  • Depend on deep links for your ads that just work (including deferred deep linking through install)

For discerning brands, Branch multiplies user lifetime value (LTV) and campaign ROI by providing a truly world-class ad experience.

The Branch MMP dashboard with bar chart showing

Run ad campaigns with confidence

Bring the benefits of deep linking and trusted attribution to paid campaigns


Reliable links, reliable data

Improve your ad experience with our industry-leading deep links and unbiased, deduplicated ad attribution data. Get centralized insights into ad conversions and campaign ROI, across every device and platform.

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Leave privacy compliance to us

We prioritize user privacy to help you win your user’s trust. As platform-level privacy policies continue to mature, we keep up with the ongoing technical complexities so you can ensure compliance with confidence.


User-centric, privacy-focused attribution

Attribute your campaigns responsibly within Apple’s privacy guidelines and get the most out of your campaign performance data with comprehensive SKAdNetwork support, in-depth reporting, and a single source of truth.


Come to your own defense

Detect and prevent even the most sophisticated fraud with flexible blocking rules, dashboard visibility, and AI-driven rules. Eliminate low-quality traffic thanks to Branch’s expertise and hands-on fraud mitigation support.

screenshot of dashboard tracking fraud activities


Get users to your app again and again

Retarget for higher ROAS based on comprehensive omnichannel data. Build custom audience groups to re-engage lapsed users, boost propensity to purchase, and increase sessions per user.


Support for all your networks

Partnerships with every ad network you need, including certification with all major self-attributing networks (SANs). And with Branch’s Certified Partner Program, we are working to elevate standards and transparency across the mobile supply chain.


Understand your spend

Centralize all your campaign cost data in one place, without additional development resources. See the true ROI of your campaigns, optimize your marketing budget, and see how ad spend impacts your growth.


Solve for all your complexities

Data integrations

Set up off-the-shelf data export integrations with common marketing platforms.

Handle UX and tracking separately

Precision control over link functionality provides deep linking even when users don’t consent to tracking.

Transparent service status page

Enjoy real-time, reliable information about the status of the service platform and potential disruptions.

True last-touch attribution

Use the same links for acquisition and re-engagement campaigns.

Battle-tested SDKs

High-quality, open-source SDKs support all development environments, or optional S2S integration.

AWS-hosted cloud infrastructure

All Branch services are hosted in reliable, professionally-managed data centers.

Data export APIs

Export log-level and aggregated attribution data with industry-leading APIs.

MAU-based pricing

Attribute as many down-funnel events as you need, and pay only for true app growth.

Sophisticated agency permissioning

Give limited dashboard and API access designed specifically for agency needs.

Why choose Branch?

Over 100,000 companies – from startups to Fortune 500 brands – have chosen Branch to grow their business, improve their customer experience, and optimize campaign performance.

Shield your teams from systemic industry disruptions

The mobile world is full of chaos. We shoulder the burden of this constant change on your behalf.

Rest assured with our proven privacy leadership

Protecting user privacy is non-negotiable. We understand and support your privacy compliance efforts.

Access guidance and advice from experts

We act as an extension of your team to guide you with the knowledge required to grow your app.

Get standardized channel data in one place

Stop scrambling to piece together the metrics you need to make business decisions; we deliver them all in one place.