Complete the other side of your ROI equation

Centralize cost data from your campaigns in one place

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Get a holistic view of your ad spend

Review and take action on all your cost data simply and efficiently, so you can focus on perfecting your ad strategy instead of spending time manually collecting, collating, and comparing metrics.

Eliminate fragmented data

View and analyze costs from different media partners and platforms all in one dashboard.

Reduce manual effort

Save time and resources by automating data collection and analysis.

Improve data accuracy

Minimize the risk of human errors and stay up to date with real-time reporting.

Crunch your advertising numbers with ease

Identify your best investments

Use the Branch Dashboard to report on powerful calculated metrics across your ad networks, including total cost, effective cost per install (eCPI), return on ad spend (ROAS), and more. See where your most efficient returns are coming from with granular breakdowns by partner, campaign, creative, and ad group.

Get the highest quality data, automatically

Access accurate, complete, and up-to-date cost data without manual work or custom development for each ad network. We support industry-standard solutions to ingest partner cost data, from API integrations for leading network partners to flexible cost-on-links data ingestion for many others.

Uncover true ROAS

Combine cost data with revenue reporting and cohort analysis to answer important questions like “how many weeks does it take to hit my target cost per acquisition (CPA)?”

See comprehensive cross-platform ROI

Use accurate, cross-platform attribution data to calculate metrics that reflect all user conversions from both web and app.

Integrate with every ad partner

Branch works with every major ad network and media partner, from Google and Facebook to niche publishers. Use our pre-configured integrations to easily aggregate cost data.

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