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Worry less about privacy compliance

End-to-end ATT compliance for your ad attribution

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Leave the technical complexities to us

As platform-level privacy policies continue to mature, the only thing you can be sure of is prioritization of user privacy. We help you maintain this gold standard while navigating the changing terrain around it.

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Outsource the daunting task of keeping up with compliance changes

Branch’s ad links are designed to behave in full compliance with all applicable platform policies for ad tracking, including Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) policy.

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Continue your user acquisition strategy on iOS without worrying about policy violations

SafeTrack allows you to enjoy industry-leading ad tracking compliance by default.

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Advanced customization to fit your privacy goals

To support the requirements of brands with even more stringent privacy standards, request our expanded SafeTrack configuration to protect all of your Branch links.

How does SafeTrack protect me from changing privacy compliance?

In compliance with Apple’s ATT policy, SafeTrack ensures ad attribution via probabilistic techniques and is only available after users give consent via ATT.

  • Ensure compliance for all Branch links created to measure ad campaigns with SafeTrack.
  • Receive robust support for attribution data re-capture when users give consent.
  • Provide a great user experience, without requiring ATT consent, with deferred deep linking decoupled from attribution.
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Ready to remove the headache from privacy policy compliance?

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