How ZAFUL Drove a 210% Increase in Email Marketing Revenue

According to Fluent, about 3 in 5 consumers check their email on mobile — and 75% of consumers indicate they use their smartphones most often to check email. While email marketing remains an effective channel for reaching users, it’s also an underutilized channel for driving app acquisition and engagement.

ZAFUL, an online shop for trendy and affordable fast fashion apparel, knew the business value potential of email marketing — as well as the importance of creating seamless experiences across digital touchpoints.

Delivering Smooth Mobile Experiences with Deep Linked Emails

Email is an important marketing channel for ZAFUL to engage with its users worldwide. But the team found that email recipients were being routed to the mobile web rather than the app when they clicked on an email link — even if they had the app installed.

By implementing Branch’s Universal Email, the team is now able to seamlessly route users from email to the app. When a user clicks a link in a newsletter, they are deep linked directly to the individual fashion items within the app instead of being redirected to the mobile web.

Not only does this positively impact the overall purchase rate and revenue for email subscribers, but it also improves campaign analytics. ZAFUL is now able to track the down-funnel events driven from email where previously an email-to-app gap existed.

With Branch, ZAFUL has a clear picture of app installs, purchases, and revenue driven by email marketing campaigns — in addition to a seamless email-to-app experience.

So far, they’ve been able to increase the email click to app open rate from 0% to 28.4% — and drive a 210% increase in revenue from email marketing. Plus, ZAFUL can now visualize the overall down-funnel performance of each email campaign to continuously optimize. Read the full case study to learn how they did it — and how Branch can help you.

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