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Mobile drives value for you and your customers

The media and entertainment industry is rapidly evolving, with mobile apps leading its transformation.

Mobile engagement is seamless and convenient

Convenient tap-to-app engagement drives more and higher quality sessions per month, leading to increased retention and higher customer lifetime value (LTV).

Mobile creates opportunities for revenue expansion

By maximizing trial conversions and migrating users to higher LTV tiers, apps increase customer lifetime value and satisfaction.

Digital onboarding enhances user adoption

With multiple streaming options and seamless cross-platform access, users can easily consume content across various devices.

Learn cost-effective ways to grow your app in the Media and Entertainment Mobile Growth Playbook

Explore ways that media and entertainment brands can grow their mobile presence and tap into apps for acquisition, retention, and increased conversions. With first-hand advice, industry data, and quick tips, we take the guesswork out of mobile growth.

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RTLZWEI Breaks Channel Barriers To Grow App Installs by 20%

Learn how RTLZWEI broke channel barriers, increased app installs by 20%, and boosted ROI and ROAS through innovative mobile engagement strategies.


app install growth



Seizing the Moment: Using QR Codes To Drive High-intent User Acquisition

Learn how NBCU enhanced app adoption among local viewers and scaled QR codes for 40 apps, leading it to win the 2023 Mobile Growth Awards Best QR Code Campaign award.

You’ll learn:

  • The role of mobile apps in news and media
  • Best practices for driving cross-channel app acquisition and engagement
  • Live Q&A


Working with Branch has been a top-notch experience. It stands out as some of the best technical support I’ve ever encountered when collaborating with another team. The responsiveness is unparalleled rarely do I have to wait more than a few hours for a response. The most significant impact of Branch’s technology is the direct attribution, allowing us to measure the app install impacts accurately based on user actions taken on our website. It’s a game changer for understanding and optimizing our campaigns.”

Sean Fitzpatrick, Sr. Product Manager, Growth

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Digital transformation and industry insights

Uncover the Trends for Finance and Video Streaming Apps in 2024

Catch the highlights from’s State of Mobile 2024 Report, including global video streaming trends and forecasts.

Maximizing App Engagement: How Media Brands Can Win in Mobile When the Rules of the Game Keep Changing

We provide guidance on how media and entertainment brands can overcome mobile challenges to meet customers’ rising expectations.

How To Improve Mobile App Onboarding: 3 Tips To Boost Engagement

Elevate your mobile app onboarding experience by simplifying user flows, personalizing key experiences, and implementing deferred deep links.

Mobile Growth Online with theCut, Scribd, & Vivid Seats

We ask leaders and innovators from brands you love about their mobile growth strategies and success stories.

VP of Growth at Blue Apron: Kar Paramasivam – Leading Growth in the Meal Subscription Business

Kar shares successful campaigns and approaches his team adopted to leverage Blue Apron’s app and increase user retention and engagement.

Fuel Digital Transformation Through Mobile App Growth

With 70% of “digital time” happening on mobile devices and 92% of that time spent in mobile apps, it’s clear that mobile will continue to be a focal point of brands’ digital transformation journeys.

Founder and CEO of Tubi: Farhad Massoudi – Disrupting the Streaming Industry

Farhad Massoudi discusses the journey to success at Tubi, a free streaming service disrupting the industry, and its growth hack strategies involving content, viewership, and advertising.

A Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Growth Maturity

By reading this guide and completing the accompanying assessment, marketers can gain valuable insights into the current state of their mobile growth strategy and chart their course toward profitable growth.

Current (and Future) Best Practices for Entertainment & Media Apps

Unlock the playbook of best practices built by the world’s leading entertainment and media brands, including tips for how yourr native app can accelerate premium upgrades, increase user retention, and more.

Vice President of Marketing and Digital Products at Ultimate Fighting Championship: Kristen Banks

Kristen Banks dives into the exciting world of fan-centric entertainment brands and explores the various marketing strategies involved in building a loyal fanbase.

Case studies and testimonials

UK Media Company Implements App-First Strategy To Grow User Engagement by 25%

Learn how one of the U.K.’s leading news media companies’ digital transformation journey led to a 25% increase in content consumption and 94% increase in attributed app installs.

IMDb Streamlines A/B Testing and Boosts App Downloads by 443% With Branch

Learn how IMDb increased its experiment volume by 9x and increased app downloads by 443% with Branch Journeys smart banners.

Why Branch? | Daniel Joseph – Warner Bros Discovery

Learn why Discovery partners with Branch to provide a best-in-class user experience.

RTLZWEI Breaks Channel Barriers To Grow App Installs by 20%

Learn how RTLZWEI used Branch’s deep linking and analytics solutions to grow app installs by 20%, enhancing viewer engagement across multiple channels.

Reddit Increases App Installs by 6.5x and Boosts 7-day Retention by 50% Using Branch-powered Cross Promotions

Discover how Reddit used Branch’s deep linking to drive user engagement and significantly enhance app performance.

Australia’s Largest Locally Owned Media Company Drives 3x Conversions with Branch for Video Streaming Platform, 9Now

By leveraging Branch, 9Now can deep link users straight into the app and simultaneously measure performance.

A+E Networks Optimizes Campaign Performance and Measurement Efforts With Branch and Horizon Media

Using Branch’s Amazon Ad Partner solution, A+E Networks gained visibility and better track into its campaign downstream events.

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