The Chefz Eliminates Attribution Blindspots To Grow App Revenue by 650%


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About The Chefz 

Founded in 2017, The Chefz is a premium food and sweets delivery platform that connects restaurants, bakeries, and chocolate stores in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to high-end customers. The Chefz is known for delivering exceptional quality and taste, making it the go-to choice for fine dining, casual eats, desserts, beverages, and even gifts. 

The Chefz mobile app, available on both iOS and Android, provides customers with fast delivery, detailed dish browsing, order tracking, reviews, and multiple payment options, so app users can enjoy seamless gourmet food delivery right to their door. Since its launch, the app has expanded to offer reservation booking, meal pickups, catering, and more. 


As The Chefz extended its reach to new services and cities, so grew the challenge of effectively marketing each distinct offering. The Chefz’ digital marketing team worked to develop and launch campaigns across various marketing channels, including social media and ad networks. But without an attribution partner, the team couldn’t accurately measure the effectiveness of its campaigns or determine the outcomes of its marketing spend. Its strategy needed to evolve from relying solely on ad impressions as the indicator of campaign success to a more data-driven approach that tracked conversion metrics like app installs and revenue.

The Chefz recognized the need for a partner that could provide insights into conversions stemming from different marketing channels across all its services. By partnering with Branch, it could not only resolve its existing measurement challenges but also use attribution data to optimize return on ad spend (ROAS).  


After considering various alternatives, The Chefz chose Branch as its mobile measurement partner (MMP) and mobile linking platform (MLP). By implementing Branch deep links across all of its campaigns, The Chefz gained complete visibility into its key performance metrics (including installs and revenue) in real-time via the Branch Dashboard. 

Enhance influencer marketing programs

Influencer campaigns are a critical component of the growth strategy for The Chefz — and a large portion of its marketing budget. The company partners with influencers across a variety of channels and platforms to promote its restaurant partners and services but wasn’t able to quantify the impact of each influencer. 

Enter Branch. The Chefz assigned a unique Branch deep link to each influencer, allowing real-time tracking of clicks, conversions, and revenue by influencer. When a follower clicks on a Branch link, they are deep linked directly to the app content if they already have The Chefz app downloaded. If not, the Branch link directs them to the app store to install the app then to the app content they initially wanted. Meanwhile, data on each click and conversion is sent to the Branch Dashboard. This approach allowed The Chefz to transform its influencer program, establishing long-term relationships with top performers and trimming costs on low-ROI partnerships. 

An influencer social media post of The Chefz product with a link to The Chefz app.

Acquire new users through affiliate channels

The Chefz also launched an incentive program in partnership with Branch for its restaurant partners. Through the Share & Earn Program, restaurants can share a unique Branch referral link via social media, email, or SMS. These custom links seamlessly guide users to the restaurant listing within The Chefz app while tracking their orders. If a customer places an order via the Branch link, the referring restaurant is rewarded with a reduced commission fee. 

By incentivizing restaurant partners to promote the app via their own channels, The Chefz has successfully tapped into new audiences and grown its app userbase in an organic, mutually beneficial way. 

Screenshot of the Share & Earn Program page. Share & Earn How to use Share & Earn Program? Share the unique with your customers through your social media channels, email or SMS. You can also benefit from the QR code feature where you can generate one and download it for you to use. Provides a referral link, date range, order status, and more information.
Optimize paid ads based on performance

Lastly, The Chefz has incorporated deep linking into all of its paid campaigns on networks like Snapchat, TikTok, X, Meta, Google, and Apple Search Ads. Thanks to Branch’s deep link data, the company now has complete visibility into its ad performance on each network and can allocate its marketing budget accordingly.

Smartphone screenshot of a The Chefz social media ad.

As we expand our paid ads programs to new ad networks, we can now get immediate feedback on what’s working and what’s not working with Branch analytics.”

Headshot of Abdulrahman Madkhali, Marketing Manager at The Chefz

Abdulrahman Madkhali, Marketing Manager
The Chefz

The Chefz tallies results 

By integrating the Branch platform, The Chefz has eliminated its attribution blindspots. It can now measure and benchmark the effectiveness of every single marketing campaign and continuously optimize its marketing programs. As a result, it has seen a dramatic increase in its monthly active users (MAUs). The Chefz grew its total app installs by 127% and achieved a staggering 650% increase in app revenue from January to June 2023. Over an eight-month period from January to August 2023, The Chefz achieved a 718% ROI on digital marketing programs and 818% ROAS. 

Another significant outcome of the company’s data-driven transformation was the ability to justify budget requests with factual data. Previously, the company allocated marketing funds without a clear understanding of the outcomes and wasn’t able to prove campaign ROI to leadership. Now, with Branch’s insights and more effective campaigns, The Chefz team has secured additional marketing investment to continue its growth. 

“Utilizing Branch, we’ve seamlessly bridged our marketing campaigns with our food delivery app, ensuring every customer touchpoint is not only measured but also meaningfully enhanced.”

Headshot of Ramsi Alqrainy, CTO at The Chefz.

Ramzi Alqrainy, Chief Technology Officer
The Chefz

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