How Instacart Improved Their Conversion Rate by 6x on Mobile

The emergence of mobile has caused marketers to re-think how they approach traditional marketing channels. This year, $6 billion was spent online between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with over $2 billion of that happening on mobile, which equates to an increase of 33% compared to 2015. Yet, even with the rise of purchases on mobile, the click-to-purchase rate on is still half of that of desktop due to a broken linking experience.

One of those broken linking experiences is from marketing emails. In fact, up to 70% of emails opened on mobile, but less than .1% of links in those email take users to the app, there is a huge opportunity for brands to drive even more purchases from mobile. To fix the experience, top brands are now using deep links in their emails to drive customers into their mobile app, a place where the user experience is superior and conversion rates are 3x that of mobile web.

Universal Email from Branch is the only complete solution to drive users inside of a mobile app from every email client, every time. Whether you are on an Android phone or an outdated version of iOS 9, Branch deep links will work across all channels and edge cases. With Branch, you no longer have to send app users to the mobile web where conversion rates plummet and revenue is lost.

Leading grocery delivery service Instacart realized how important focusing on mobile was when it comes to their emails, and saw that the majority of those emails were taking their customers to the mobile web instead of to their brilliantly built mobile app. To find out more how Instacart used Universal Email from Branch to increase their conversion-to-purchase by 6x, read our latest case study here.