How Jora Increased App Installs by 80%

According to Statista, app downloads worldwide reached 204 billion in 2019 from 192.45 billion in 2016. As mobile app usage continues to increase, mobile marketers and app developers must think about how to leverage new channels  — and effectively utilize existing channels — to increase app installs.  

Jora Jobs, an Australia-based search engine for jobs, understood the value of driving users to their app to help job seekers get employment faster. With the app, users can customise their search, apply for jobs quickly, and search for jobs and vacancies across various industries in the palm of their hand.

As the app provided a better user experience for job seekers, Jora aimed to grow the number of app installs and improve the conversion rate from mobile web users to app downloads.

That’s when they found Branch.

Better User Experiences from Web to App

Using Branch Journeys, Jora optimises the web-to-app experience with deferred deep linking. In the example below, a user searches for Marketing jobs in Melbourne, clicks on a job listing, and is presented with a full-page Journeys interstitial. Since the user doesn’t yet have the app installed, they are routed to the App Store upon click. Because Journeys are powered by deferred deep linking, the context of this user’s click is preserved through install and they are seamlessly routed to the same job listing in the app that they were viewing on the mobile web.

Journeys also allows the Jora team to quickly publish new creatives and A/B test designs, colours, formats, and CTA — without any engineering support.

So far, the team at Jora has achieved some impressive results: 

  • Branch’s Journeys outperformed existing campaigns, leading to 80% more app installs
  • Deferred deep linking boosted Day 1 retention by 2% and Day 7 by 1% 
  • Through A/B testing different creatives, the team was able to improve campaign performance by nearly 2X

Read the full case study to learn more. Interested in driving similar growth for your app? Contact our sales team today.