hipages Gets the Job Done with Branch

90% of mobile time is spent in apps. The challenge for app developers and mobile marketers is how to engage users so their app is included in that time — and how to leverage their existing channels to drive app installs. 

hipages, Australia’s leading platform to hire tradies, discovered that customers who use the app are more likely to use hipages services again compared to those who transacted on the web. The team at hipages knew they could drive customers into its app from email and their mobile website but struggled to build their own solution. 

The challenge was that customers who engaged with hipages through email and the mobile site received broken experiences. Additionally, installs were being attributed in a limited way —  making it difficult for the team to determine how to best drive mobile growth. They needed a solution that would help them better evaluate the success of marketing campaigns, improve user experience, and provide attribution insights.

That’s when they found Branch.


Cross-Platform Solutions that Drive Installs

Leveraging Branch’s cross-platform solutions, hipages is able to create a seamless experience for its users while ensuring full visibility into campaign performance to drive installs. With Branch’s deep links and its integration with Mandrill, hipages is able to easily link transactional emails directly into the app to improve the email-to-app experience for existing users.

With Branch Journeys, hipages is now able to convert website visitors to high-value app users through personalised smart banners. Journeys allows the team to test different templates, customize branding, and tailor messages to different audiences in minutes. 


The results speak for themselves:

  • Using personalised full-page interstitials powered by Branch, hipages achieved a click-to-install rate of 55%
  • By implementing deep links in transactional emails, the app saw an 11% increase in jobs being posted on a monthly basis
  • hipages saw a 10% increase in web job posters converting to app installation

Read the full case study to learn more. Ready to achieve results like this for your app? Contact our sales team today.