How to Edit Mobile Web-to-App Banners on the Fly with Branch Journeys

The one question every mobile marketer ponders—web or app? The answer is simple: there is a time for each, and there is a user for each. While mobile app users convert 3x more than mobile websites, and while mobile app users spend 20x more time in apps than mobile web visitors spend in the mobile web, asking someone to download your app off the bat can be too much commitment for a user that is just getting started with your brand. That’s the logic behind Journeys, our web-to-app product that allows you to convert your mobile web users into app users—it allows you to target only the users that you know are ready to download your app.

With Journeys, mobile marketers and product professionals have the ability to A/B test hundreds of designs and combinations, really narrowing down what works best for each user journey. Journeys’ Analytics gives you unparalleled data into your web-to-app conversions across different users flows, channels, and user segments, and s based on Branch’s attribution engine, allowing you to see full user analytics across both web and app platforms.

Now, you don’t have to do that in draft mode—you can actually edit live Journeys on the fly from our dashboard. With fewer steps, better targeting, and better testing, you can be even more efficient, organized, and accurate with your tests.

New to Branch Journeys? Start turning your low-cost or organic mobile web traffic into highly-converting mobile app users. Happy building!