How Travel App GoEuro Increased App Installs By 15% Using Branch

Increasing shifts to mobile are disrupting almost every industry, and that’s especially true in travel. Booking plane, train, and bus tickets has historically required users to stick to their desktops. In Europe, the option beyond desktop was to spend time in long lines at kiosks.

The travel experience itself has also become increasingly complex, especially internationally. As travelers move across countries via plane, train, and bus, lost paper tickets, mixed up bookings, and the inability to use a desktop computer add to their on-the-move challenges.

Enter travel app GoEuro.

The company knew mobile was changing the travel paradigm, especially internationally. GoEuro had a vision: To create a customer-centric travel experience that didn’t require users to be tethered to a desk or stuck in line.

GoEuro isn’t the only travel company focused on this challenge, according to HubSpot’s Mobile Travel Trends 2018 Report.

  • 60% of travel companies planned to change or enhance their app in 2018
  • 90% of travel brands understood mobile was crucial to their success
  • 53% of travel companies responded that it was important to to engage their passengers pre- and post-journey on mobile


How To Turn Mobile Web Traffic Into App Installs

GoEuro imagined a travel experience that was focused on mobile, so traveler bookings and tickets were only a click away at any moment. 

The company knew its mobile website was attracting sizable traffic and that transitioning those users into its app would create better experiences and increase engagement.

“We wanted to acquire high-quality app users, and improve their retention within the app,” said Giacomo Melandri, Mobile Marketing Manager for GoEuro. “In order to do that, we needed a reliable strategy for converting desktop and mobile web visitors into app users, and a way to provide them with enough value to make the transition.”


Using Smart Banners to Increase Mobile Web Installs by 15%

GoEuro decided to implement Branch’s Journeys to drive mobile web traffic into the app. For GoEuro, finding the perfect time and context to offer this transition mattered.

While users are on GoEuro’s mobile website, they are prompted to continue their experiences in the mobile app using Branch’s Journeys.

Journeys enables GoEuro to craft personalized, customizable, localized smart banners that drive mobile web users directly to desired in-app content, such as their travel tickets, even through the install process.

In addition, each time a user completes a booking on the mobile web, GoEuro offers a chance to download the mobile app on the device in use.

With the ticket pre-loaded, GoEuro provides a clear app install incentive. This makes it more likely the user will download and engage with the app before—and after— trotting the globe.

Leveraging Branch, GoEuro was able to increase mobile installs by 15%.

Ready to find out exactly how they used Branch throughout the experience to drive these results? Check out the full Branch and GoEuro (now Omio) case study here.

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