Branch Journeys: The Solution for Mobile Web to App Conversion

Mobile websites have long remained the largest and most cost-effective source of app installs. That’s why we’re pleased to announce Journeys™ Web to App Marketing, and deliver mobile marketers a turnkey solution to transform their mobile website into an effective channel to drive app growth with customizable digital creatives tailored for targeted audience segments.

With Journeys, marketers can easily create these custom audience segments based on a variety of criteria:  

-Device type


-Mobile web and in-app user behaviors

-Presence of the app on their device  

These audience segments are used to target mobile web visitors with native-looking digital assets for an optimized experience, all while maintaining context from the mobile web through app install. On top of this, powerful campaign measurement provides marketers with real-time data insights to continuously optimize their Journeys and drive app growth.

Cross Channel Audience Targeting

The Journeys audience selection leverages Branch’s unique ability to look across aggregate user behaviors within the mobile website and app, in addition to device type and geography to tailor customized app engagement digital creatives and call-to-actions. For example, an ecommerce mobile marketer would target users who frequent their mobile website without the app installed differently than users who have not made a recent purchase in the app.

Journeys Dashboard

Native App-Engagement Creatives

Journeys enables mobile marketers with point-and-click flexibility by providing customized templates for app engagement banners or SEO-friendly full-page interstitials through the Journeys creative designer.

Journeys WorkflowMarketers have complete control over the copy and style of their creatives to customize the exact behavior desired, in addition to defining deep link behavior when clicked.

Customize TemplateTo further optimize the impact of these creatives to drive web to app engagement, marketers can fully A/B test different variations directly within Journeys. For example, a media brand looking for the perfect banner can run concurrent banner variations that might vary color, font, app logo, or call-to-action. They may also use Journeys A/B testing to compare engagement impact of a full-page interstitial offering a special app-only promotion compared to a simple call-to-action to open in the app.

Why Journeys™ Web to App Marketing?

Mobile users view 285 percent more products inside of a mobile app than on the mobile web, and on average, spend 11 percent more on every single purchase. Journeys can help drive that engagement by turning the popularity of your mobile website into your largest source of app installs. The personalized experience and powerful deep linking technology of Journeys will ultimately drive revenue, and transform the way your marketing department harnesses the power of your mobile traffic. Click here to get started today with Journeys™ Web to App Marketing.