Partner Story: 5 Best Practices to Maximize Organic Traffic & Boost App Installs

If there’s one thing that consistently dominates conversation at the beginning of every new year, it’s resolutions. Our resolution this year (and every year) is to power seamless user experiences while providing informative attribution data for mobile brands around the world.

Evan Barry, the Director of Marketing for one of those brands—a field reporting app that allows construction managers and contractors to log their daily reports on site called Raken—recently shared how he uses Branch to boost user acquisition while ensuring his team’s spend is in fact producing an investment. If you’re intrigued, take a look at the following excerpt from his article “Let’s Get Disruptive: 5 Best Practices to Maximize Organic Traffic & Boost App Installs”:

When I first started at Raken, our attribution model was hands-down broken. We had no idea how our customers found us, or which of our touchpoints worked. All we could tell was whether our app install was paid or not—if it wasn’t paid, we called it organic. That was the extent of our insights.

We knew that about 50% of our app installs at the time were paid, but we had no attribution as to what specific paid channel campaigns, networks, and creatives actually drove those installs, not to mention post-install events such as trial registrations and purchases.

Even scarier was that the organic side wasn’t attributable either. We had a number of channels we thought were driving installs, but no system in place to prove it. For instance, we knew we had a growing number of organic visitors to our website each month, but were those visitors eventually installing and using the app?

Without properly attributing our leads, we just linearly grew our spend and installs, without the proper insights into how we could optimize it. As a marketer, the number one thing I want to control and optimize is my budget. But without attribution, how can I optimize our spend? We invest thousands of dollars each month into paid ads, so we needed to make sure our spend was producing a return on investment.

With potential customers floating around our ecosystem, we needed a tool to convert them into specific users of our app, as well as to help us understand where we should invest our time and money. The solution to our problems came from a familiar face: my previous employer, Branch.

Check out the full article for tips from Evan on how to research, prompt installs, boost data collections, analyze and layer marketing channels, identify spend reduction and revenue breakthroughs, and hire based on data that drives your business!