How APUS Drove Higher Quality Installs From Paid Ads on Google and Facebook

CPC. CPM. CPA. CPI. CTR. No matter which paid advertising method mobile marketers rely on to drive app installs, opens, and conversions, the costs continue to rise.

APUS Group, a popular Beijing-based developer of Android-specific apps that users across the globe rely on for everything from organizing to messaging to utility functions, found a way to mitigate paid ad costs while generating higher-quality installs.  A recent Branch case study showcases how.


Leveraging Paid Ads to Drive Installs with Facebook and Google

The challenge: Paid ads were a major part of APUS Groups’ acquisition and engagement strategies for its suite of apps.

In order to justify the cost and budget allocated to paid channels like Facebook and Google, APUS needed to drive high-quality installs – and to ensure that paid ad performance data was de-duped, so that no two networks were able to claim credit for the same install.


Branch’s Universal Ads: The Attribution Answer

Enter Branch’s Universal Ads. Branch’s Universal Ads gave APUS the ability to deep link into a specific app directly from its paid ads. If a user didn’t have the app installed, they were routed to the app store, where they were prompted to download it.

The benefits of using Universal Ads were two-fold:

  • A more seamless cross-platform user experience that encouraged app usage
  • Accurate attribution that proved which paid channels were driving the best results

And both benefits paid huge dividends:

  • With Branch, APUS was able to create seamless cross-platform user experiences that resulted in higher-quality installs and increased app retention by 1.5x.
  • APUS was able to accurately attribute installs from its two biggest paid platforms: Facebook and Google

Ready to find out exactly how APUS refined their attribution strategy and increased retention with Branch? Download the full case study here.

And if you’re ready to find out how Branch can help you drive better results from your paid advertising efforts, contact our sales team.