How Tokopedia Drove 3X Lift in Organic Installs and Reduced Misattribution Across All Channels by 30%

Tokopedia is the largest and fastest growing eCommerce platform in Indonesia. An online marketplace that allows individuals and business owners to open and maintain their stores for free, Tokopedia has grown rapidly since its inception in 2009. With millions of active product listings, the company’s website and app facilitate more than five million product sales every month.

The Challenge: An incomplete view of user journeys

Tokopedia users interact with the brand across desktop, mobile web, paid social, email, and other channels—even through QR codes. This diverse channel mix, coupled with the explosive growth of mobile in Indonesia required the company to pursue a cross-platform marketing strategy. Lacking a seamless approach to driving organic traffic from Tokopedia’s immensely popular digital channels into its app, the company was falling short of its conversion expectations.

In addition to user experience challenges, fragmented and legacy attribution models were making it impossible to accurately identify and measure users across all of Tokopedia’s channels. As a result, Tokopedia had an incomplete view of its user journeys and was leaving potential revenue on the table.

The Solution: Implementing Branch’s deep links across channels

Tokopedia implemented Branch’s deep links across its referral, content sharing, mobile web, email, and paid social strategies.  This enabled Tokopedia to deep link users directly to specific in-app products from any channel across the entire user journey, including:

Mobile Web-to-App

Tokopedia used Branch’s web-to-app solution Journeys to drive mobile web users into specific content within its app. By leveraging contextual smart banners that responded to users who had the app installed and those who did not, Tokopedia was able to direct app users to the desired product in the app, while delivering those without the app to the appropriate app store and subsequently to their desired in-app product.

Users who did not have the app installed were served a floating smart banner on Tokopedia’s mobile website that prompted them to “Download the App”, while users with the app already installed received a smart banner reminding them to  open the app.

Journeys also enabled the Tokopedia team to A/B test banner creative and placements, then iterate with Journeys’ WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor. These capabilities are allowing Tokopedia to create customized smart banners for specific web pages and subsets of mobile web visitors.


Tokopedia used Branch’s Universal Email to incorporate deep links into emails, a top driver of organic traffic to the mobile web. As a result, mobile app users who clicked on Tokopedia’s email links were delivered directly to the correct products in-app, rather than to the mobile web.

Users who didn’t already have the Tokopedia app installed were routed to desired content in the mobile web, where they were presented with a web-to-app smart banner encouraging them to download the app.


Tokopedia uses Branch to deep link its Facebook product ads to drive users to the appropriate in-app product page. Given Branch’s status as a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, the Tokopedia team has full insight into their Facebook return on ad spend.


Beyond deep linking, Universal Email, Journeys, and Universal Ads, Tokopedia also leveraged Branch’s attribution for a full view of pre-install user experiences. Unlike legacy attribution providers, Branch’s attribution model gave the Tokopedia team a full view of the user journey across platforms and devices, which allowed them to optimize budget allocation and channel prioritization in order to maximize ROI.

The Results: Increases in downloads, decreases in misattribution

For Tokopedia, leveraging Branch’s Journeys, Universal Email, Universal Ads, and attribution led to a huge payoff.

  • 3X increase in app downloads using Journeys
  • 30% lift in revenue as a result of using Branch’s Universal Email
  • 28% growth in total MAUs
  • 1.5X increase in iOS and Android transaction rates through deep linking
  • 30% reduction in misattribution of transactions across web and app

Now, Tokopedia’s marketing team is able to drive growth and conversion for its app and optimize spending based on a more complete, contextual view of its data and user experience.

According to Prashant Mahajan, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Tokopedia, “Branch is critical to our mobile web strategy, and I think we’re still scratching the surface! The marketing team can independently run campaigns on the mobile website without hassling the developers. We now not only acquire new users, but also re-engage existing users in a meaningful way.”

If you’d like to learn more about how Branch can help accelerate your cross-platform strategy, request a demo.  We’d love to hear from you.