Branch is Proud to be Recognized as an Apple Search Ads Partner

Today, we’re excited to announce Branch’s status as an Apple Search Ads Partner.

This elite status enables Branch to offer advanced ad attribution insights using data directly from Apple Search Ads, giving you the most accurate way to measure the performance of your Apple Search Ad campaigns.

Apple Search Ads is one of the most powerful tools in a modern marketing toolbox. 65% of all iOS app downloads follow a search on the App Store, making this channel critical to user acquisition and mobile growth strategies.

However, to accurately monitor the results of your campaigns to meet business objectives, it’s important to understand the full user journey. That’s where Branch’s Universal Ads and our new Apple Search Ads Partner status work together to offer an incredible solution.

Branch’s industry-leading, deterministic Attribution Solution engine is the only reliable, cross-platform attribution solution on the market. By combining this solution with the power of Apple Search Ads, marketers will be able to compare results across multiple ad networks and deduplicate conversions from digital channels such as email, social, and web.

The result: Smarter marketing decisions based upon a clear view of how Apple Search Ads is performing compared to your other marketing initiatives, from paid ads to email to organic search.

Even better? Thanks to Branch’s Cost Data Ingestion, we automatically import ad campaign costs directly from Apple to show powerful metrics including Total Cost, eCPI (Effective Cost Per Install), ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), and more. Branch’s cross-channel, cross-platform supplies cost data down to the keyword, enabling you to measure the true ROI of your Apple Search Ads campaigns with the industry’s most accurate cost-per-event metrics.

We couldn’t be more excited to be named an Apple Search Ads Partner.

Ready to find out how this partnership with Apple Search Ads can help you boost installs and reduce wasted spend?  Contact our sales team to find out more about Branch’s Universal Ads and Apple Search Ads Partner status today.