Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP)

What is a mobile measurement partner (MMP)?

A mobile measurement partner (MMP) is a third-party company that collects, organizes, and visualizes mobile app data for paid ads. MMPs integrate with mobile app publishers and ad networks to track user behavior and attribute events. They provide mobile marketers with a unified view of campaign performance across advertising channels.

MMPs leverage deep linking technology and measurement tools to collect and organize unbiased mobile data. In essence, an MMP tracks the performance of mobile marketing campaigns and provides data-driven insights to help mobile app marketers optimize their advertising strategies. To do this, MMPs employ a variety of technologies to track and attribute mobile events such as clicks, app installations, engagement, and revenue.

How a mobile measurement platform works

An MMP works by integrating with mobile app publishers and advertising networks to collect and analyze data on user behavior, including app installs, in-app purchases, and engagement metrics. Using sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques, an MMP can accurately attribute installs and user actions to specific advertising campaigns and marketing channels, providing valuable insights into which campaigns are driving the most engagement and revenue.

Benefits of a mobile measurement platform

For mobile app marketers, an MMP provides a comprehensive view of their advertising performance, allowing them to optimize their campaigns for maximum ROI. An MMP also provides transparency into the performance of different advertising partners, enabling marketers to make informed decisions about which channels to invest in.

For mobile app publishers, an MMP can provide valuable insights into user behavior, enabling them to improve their app design and functionality. Additionally, an MMP can help publishers monetize their apps more effectively by optimizing their ad inventory and identifying new revenue streams.

An MMP ensures accurate and unbiased data that allows you to:

  • Understand the user’s path to conversion, even when long and complex
  • Enjoy full support for the latest privacy-preserving attribution frameworks
  • Depend on deep links for your ads that are consistent and reliable, including deferred deep linking through install
  • Retarget for higher return on advertising spend (ROAS) based on comprehensive, omni-channel data
  • Detect and prevent even the most sophisticated fraud with flexible blocking rules

Working with mobile linking platforms

When working in combination with a mobile linking platform (MLP), mobile marketers can also attribute owned and earned channels, enabling unprecedented visibility into all mobile marketing investments.