Email Marketing

What is email marketing?

A marketing strategy that entails sending direct messages to a target audience via email. There are many different kinds of marketing emails, including promotional, informational, and re-engagement. Marketers and app developers use email marketing to sell products and services, boost brand awareness, and increase customer loyalty and engagement.

Email marketing can be a great way to inform customers via email of new products, discounts, and other services while driving app adoption and engagement. It’s also an excellent way to educate your audience about your brand’s value and keep them coming back between purchases.

Because about 43% of emails are opened on mobile devices, email marketing is a powerful marketing channel to invest in for app growth.

Advantages of email marketing

Email marketing helps brands achieve three things:

  • Conversions: Email marketing helps you sell products and services.
  • Brand awareness: Appearing in a customer’s inbox helps your brand stay current. But email is even more valuable as a direct pathway to one-on-one communication. This allows the use of personalized marketing campaigns that feel more unique and meaningful than social media or web campaigns.
  • Customer loyalty: The modern user’s inbox is a well-guarded space. But, for brands that prove they’re valuable enough to take up digital real estate, emails can drive customer loyalty at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Lead nurturing, conversion, onboarding, and retention all occur through email. By staying in touch with customers throughout the buying process, businesses can create strong customer relationships that lead to increased loyalty.
Types of email marketing

There are several types of email marketing. Each has a different purpose and provides different avenues to engage with your audience.

  • Promotional emails: These emails are designed to promote a product or service and encourage customers to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a free trial. Promotional emails typically include a call-to-action (CTA) button or link that directs customers to a landing page.
  • Informational emails: These emails consist of two types — newsletters and announcements.
      • Newsletters: These emails are typically sent on a regular basis and contain general business information including: updates, news, promotions, and other relevant information. Newsletter emails are an excellent way to keep customers engaged and informed.
      • Announcements: These emails are intended to inform customers about important news or updates. These emails can be used to announce new product or service launches, upcoming events, changes in business operations, promotions, or other relevant information that is likely to be of interest to your customers.
  • Re-engagement emails: These emails are intended to reach customers who have not been active for a certain period of time. These emails may also encourage customers to engage with your brand and products in new ways, such as driving traffic toward your website or app.
Email-to-app marketing

With increased competition in app stores, another valuable area of email marketing is increasing mobile engagement and conversions through deep linking email readers directly into your app.

Regardless of the type of email marketing campaign being run, brands can transform email marketing campaigns into a major driver for mobile website traffic and app conversions. By including deep links, brands can drive users from an email to their app as users follow up on promotions, announcements, and newly published content.