Deep Linked Email

Deep Linked Email is an essential component of driving mobile growth through the channel of email marketing. When a user opens up traditional links in a marketing email on any non-desktop device (most frequently on an iOS or Android phone or tablet device), he or she is routed to the mobile web, where she likely is not logged in and is therefore far less likely to activate, engage, and/or convert.

Why is this important? Well, in a study of app and web user behavior, Branch found that app users viewed (on average) 286% more products in the app (22) than mobile web users viewed in a mobile browser (5.7). This resulted in an 85% increase in add-to-basket rate, which resulted in a 23% spike in purchase rate.

deep linked email example

Incorporating deep links into your marketing emails simplifies this experience by determining whether a given user is an app user and, if he or she is, routing this user directly to the desired content within your app (where your users are far more likely to be logged in and ready to engage or convert). In this way, integrating deep links can result in streamlining your users’ experiences and substantially increasing your KPI or KPIs. In fact, Branch has found that users linked directly to in-app content are 2x more likely to engage with that content. This could easily mean significant, visible growth for your mobile app.

deep linking edge case comparison

Some assume the process of integrating deep links into emails is a manual one—but this couldn’t be further from the truth. With a number of partnerships with the majority of today’s most popular ESPs, Branch’s deep linked email automatically converts your regular email links to deep links, without sacrificing dynamic personalization or scalability.

If you’re curious about how to get started optimizing your email links for app users, you can click here to get started.