Cross-device Attribution

What is cross-device attribution?

Cross-device attribution is a marketing analytics method that helps businesses track and measure the impact of their marketing campaigns across multiple devices. It does this by associating a unique identifier with each user, which allows companies to track their activity across different devices and platforms.

The average user or web visitor will interact with your content across many channels and platforms, and multiple devices. This activity can be extremely difficult to measure, leading to inaccurate measurement and potentially-disastrous misattribution, since a user could have interacted with content on their laptop, but converted to purchase on their mobile phone or iPad (or vice versa).

Branch has multiple methods for being able to measure users across channels, platforms, and devices. Being able to measure the journeys of cross-device users will provide enormous additional amounts of insight to user behavior that would otherwise be segmented into different users. Introducing cross-device attribution will give you a better idea of what your true customer journey looks like.