Retention Rate

The retention rate is the total number of unique users that activate at least one session, divided by the number of installs within a given time period. This informs marketers the percentage of users who are still using an app after install—determining the level of customer engagement with your app.

Below is an example of retention data. Interestingly, higher retention rates can persist following efforts to increase cost-effective user acquisition. Even after 30+ days, over twice the number of deferred deep linked users are still using the app, compared to ones who came from a standard, one-size-fits-all welcome experience.

For the companies that analyze the ever-important customer lifetime value, these increased retention rates are a sight for sore eyes. Deep links can bring customers who are staying, sharing, and even paying, for over twice as long. Better yet, this example is not an outlier. This is just one of a few thousand examples where we’ve seen deep linking through install to yield dramatic results on app performance. It seems to be consistent across all app verticals.