Deferred Deep Linking

Deferred deep links are mobile hosted links that are able to take the user to the intended content through the install process. These types of links basically match the user who clicked a link in a paid or organic channel to the user who opened the app for the first time after installing it. For example, when LeBron James shared his Pandora playlist on Twitter, followers that clicked the link were taken seamlessly to the mobile web with a banner that took them to the app download page and then immediately to his playlist content within the app.

All images displayed smartphone interface. Image 1: LeBron James' Twitter post with the link to his Pandora playlist. Image 2: LeBron James' Pandora playlist in web browser with banner to Pandora app. Image 3: Pandora app in the app store. Image 4: LeBron James' Pandora playlist in the Pandora app.

The deferred deep link linked new users to the app download screen and then to the desired in-app content they had originally clicked. This offers an even more powerful user experience.