Deferred Deep Linking

What is deferred deep linking?

Deferred deep linking is a feature that allows mobile apps to direct users to specific content within an app, even if the user doesn’t have the app downloaded at the time the link is clicked. Deferred deep links work by taking new users to the app download screen in the app store so they can download and install the app before taking them directly to the desired in-app content.

Deferred deep links are mobile hosted links that are able to take the user to the intended content through the install process. These types of links match the user who clicked a link in a paid or organic channel (e.g., email, SEO, social media, SMS) to the user who opened the app for the first time after installing it. For example, when LeBron James shared his Pandora playlist on Twitter, followers that clicked the link were taken seamlessly to the mobile web with a banner that took them to the app download page and then immediately to his playlist content within the app.

All images displayed smartphone interface. Image 1: LeBron James' Twitter post with the link to his Pandora playlist. Image 2: LeBron James' Pandora playlist in web browser with banner to Pandora app. Image 3: Pandora app in the app store. Image 4: LeBron James' Pandora playlist in the Pandora app.

The deferred deep link linked new users to the app download screen in the Apple App Store or Google Play store depending on their mobile device, and then to the desired in-app content they had originally clicked. This offers an even more powerful user experience.

Why are deferred deep links important?

Deferred deep links play a critical role in app marketing strategies, offering:

  1. App user acquisition: They can significantly increase app install rates by providing users a seamless pathway to the app and allowing them to preview the value of an app before installing it.
  2. App user engagement: Marketers can use deferred deep links to target users with specific content or offers after the app is installed, boosting engagement and conversion rates.
  3. Improved user experiences: By directing users to the specific page or feature they wanted when clicking the link, deferred deep links increase user satisfaction and retention.
  4. Personalization: Deferred deep links can carry data and context through the install process, allowing for personalized onboarding experiences and tailored app content.
  5. Measurement and attribution: Deferred deep link data provides insights into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and app referral sources, helping marketers understand which strategies and channels drive the most app users.

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What is mobile deep linking?

App developers and mobile marketers are on a perpetual mission to provide simple and seamless ways for users to get to their mobile apps. They’ve learned that the fewer clicks required, the better. To remove unnecessary friction, they rely on deep links to take users to the right content, on the right channel.