Deep Linked Email Gets An Upgrade: Meet Universal Email

Today, we’re excited to introduce Universal Email, the refreshed product name for Branch’s email solution, which allows marketers to create and measure seamless email to app experiences.

When we first launched Branch’s Deep Linked Email in 2016, only the most savvy marketers were thinking about deep linking from emails — and the idea that click tracking and redirects might no longer just work was a foreign concept to everyone.

We were focused on seamless user experiences, and we still are.

But the market has shifted and we have, too.

The vast majority of emails today — roughly 70% — are opened on mobile devices. But most marketing teams still struggle to get their emails and apps to play nicely together.

Branch’s solution improves conversion rates by allowing marketers to use deep links to drive customers directly from promotional emails into the right product in-app. That creates a user experience that drives engagement and ROI.

But beyond creating a seamless user experiences, the world also moved toward data-driven marketing.

Email became just one of several major channels in sophisticated, multi-touch marketing programs. And that created a challenge: Cross-platform attribution became critical to marketers, product marketers, developers, and the C-suite. Marketers weren’t just looking for an email provider or an app solution. They were looking for cross-platform attribution that made sense of a cross-platform world.

Over the last two years, our solution for email has evolved and matured. We added partnerships with over 30 Email Service Providers (ESPs), and sophisticated cross-channel analytics reporting for email.

To support this shift in our ever-evolving market, we are rebranding Deep Linked Email as Universal Email, a name which more accurately reflects a solution that creates a seamless email to app experience, drives app usage and conversions, and offers cross-platform data that isn’t available anywhere else.

Universal Email continues to work with your existing ESP, and gives you even more visibility into user activity driven by email across both web and app.

It’s the most powerful way to bridge the email-to-app gap, and offers the most powerful cross-platform attribution so you can prove results.