Introducing Branch’s Cross-Events Export API: Seamless Data Exporting for Enterprises

The ability to quickly extract and utilize insights from data gives brands a competitive edge, particularly in today’s dynamic digital marketing landscape. Branch’s experience working with some of the industry’s largest brands has given us deep insight into the complexities of analyzing vast datasets and deriving actionable insights to improve marketing performance. Many teams grapple with manually handling data from multiple sources while ensuring data integrity. To address this, we’ve developed the Cross-Events Export API. This solution simplifies the data exporting process, so your team can focus on applying insights rather than managing data complexities.

What is the Cross-Events Export API?

The Cross-Events Export API is Branch’s enterprise data exporting solution, designed to streamline workflows, remove data limitations, and maintain data integrity across sources. By seamlessly exporting multiple datasets through a single query, it simplifies the process of handling high data volumes and eliminates the manual labor and complexities traditionally associated with data management. The Cross-Events Export API empowers data science, insights, and marketing teams to efficiently handle data from diverse sources, leading to better data-driven decision-making and improved marketing performance.

Retrieve data without limitations

Export your desired data without limitations on the number of rows, dimensions, or maximum number of days in a single query. This enables more comprehensive analysis and strategic decision-making without data volume constraints. Our goal is to enable you to leverage all unified data within Branch, without hindrance or hesitation.

For instance, consider a retail company aiming to analyze customer behavior throughout its busy holiday shopping season. To get an accurate picture, it would need to retrieve an entire season’s worth of transaction data. However, it encounters row limits when attempting to do so, resulting in incomplete datasets. With the Cross-Events Export API, the team can export an unlimited amount of data with one query to capture all critical inputs. Plus, if the data spans more than 200,000 rows, the results are automatically split into multiple files to avoid inflated file sizes.

Consider another example: A financial services company wants to segment its customer base by analyzing interactions across multiple dimensions, including transaction types, geographic locations, and customer demographics. With the Cross-Events Export API, the company can export unlimited dimensions in a single query, providing granular insights to inform targeted marketing strategies or product offerings.

Unify data from multiple sources

Marketing teams often face challenges in consolidating data from multiple sources, leading to a disjointed understanding of both marketing performance and customer engagement.

Within the Branch Dashboard, you can access a comprehensive view of attribution and campaign performance, including campaign data from all attribution methods, such as SKAdNetwork (SKAN), IDFA, IDFV, Apple Search Ads, and Android. The Cross-Events Export API empowers you to seamlessly export datasets from multiple sources. This enables you to leverage your Branch Unified Analytics in external tools with confidence, ensuring cohesive analysis of reliable data.

Imagine an online streaming service that wants to consolidate viewer engagement metrics across different platforms (e.g., website, mobile app, third-party services). To assess overall performance, the company wants a singular, unified view of its analytics, without the time-consuming work of exporting and re-merging data. The Cross-Events Export API allows the team to combine multiple data sources into a single dataset, providing a holistic view of engagement and informing more strategic marketing decisions.

Leverage Branch data across any platform

The Cross-Events Export API streamlines data exportation by tackling challenges around data volume restrictions, data fragmentation, and limitations on query dimensions. This allows you to prioritize efficient and comprehensive data analysis, empowering you to make better, data-driven decisions regarding your growth strategies.

Learn more about Branch’s Cross-Events Export API in our help documentation. To get started, request a demo with our team.