Introducing LinkHub: Efficient Link Management for Enterprises

Branch’s powerful deep links can generate a lot of value for your organization, but tapping into their full potential means scaling deep linked campaigns across platforms and channels. In working with many of the largest apps in the world, we understand that it can be difficult to consistently build, deploy, and manage high volumes of links across every channel and team member. Consequently, larger organizations often face a lot of manual work, spreadsheets, and troubleshooting. We built LinkHub to address these challenges and solve linking at scale.

What is LinkHub?

LinkHub, Branch’s enterprise link management solution, streamlines workflows, cuts manual work, reduces costs, and eliminates inefficiencies. Build templates, create bulk links, and analyze past links seamlessly in one unified dashboard to expedite link creation and ensure clean reporting.


Who can benefit from LinkHub?

“As a leading sports brand, our goal is to offer customers faster, seamless and convenient shopping experiences across channels. Branch’s efficient and integrated solutions for deep linking and attribution have helped us create a powerful experience for our native shopping app for both the customers and our backend team. With Branch’s innovative Link Templates feature, we built a standardized tracking system that has allowed our team to effectively define attributions and conversion windows. Branch has helped us save time and resources significantly.”

Prabhdeep Bedi
Director and Head of D2C eCommerce General Management, Puma

LinkHub empowers marketing operations leaders and agencies to develop Link Templates for the wider team to deploy campaigns with confidence. These templates serve as guardrails to ensure that various marketing members create links and campaign tags consistently. This leads to more efficient link creation, reliable link behavior, and standardized reporting. In fact, we found that Link Templates speed up the link creation workflow by 52%, with our top five LinkHub Template customers spending just 35 seconds per link created, compared to 74 seconds on average for all customers creating Quick Links from July to August 2023. Link Templates also provide the foundation for creating standardized links in bulk without the need for spreadsheets.

Link Templates and bulk tools can help social media marketers, growth marketers, and performance marketers build more campaigns and deploy them faster. Plus, our new search and filtering capabilities make it easy to find and report on past campaigns. Whether it was your most recent link or one of your oldest, you can find past links to optimize and repeat or easily scan to see which campaigns are best driving your KPIs.

Link Hub dashboard showing Link Created date, Created by name, and Title and URL columns


Overall, LinkHub provides new and improved methods for ensuring consistent link governance, behavior, and reporting. This benefits everyone from product managers looking to improve mobile experiences to analytics teams looking to access consistent reporting. Developers who need to govern the analytics schemas and overall deep link creation process can gain confidence that their peers will create deep links correctly and reduce troubleshooting.

Features Overview

LinkHub is available through the new Branch Advanced Platform, which includes an enhanced dashboard experience and features that will save enterprises invaluable time and resources.

Unified Link Platform and Analytics

With a new unified link platform, Quick Links, Ad Links, and related tools all live in one place for expedited link creation and analysis. LinkHub provides clean, reliable link data in a unified dashboard view so you can search all past links and data. Filters improve search relevance so teams can scan for consistency, find past campaigns and metrics, and measure Quick Link performance with link-level analytics. It’s never been easier to customize, optimize, manage, and sort through Branch link performance analytics.


Link Templates

Link Templates enable marketing operations leaders to create guardrails for cross-team link creation, consistent analytics schemas, and tagging. With new link data governance, teams will gain more standardized reporting and credit as well as better link behavior. Link Templates can be created for any channel or use case, including social, email, and ads.

Link Hub dashboard show the Analytics Tags view with Field Name, Value Type and Value(s). It's recommended to add analytics tags that can be used to filer and compare performance of various links.

Bulk Link Tools

The new dashboard interface makes it easy to create deep linked campaigns at scale and export your links with one click. You can save time by utilizing Link Templates to create standardized links in bulk with our Bulk Link Tools. These tools eliminate manual work and spreadsheet usage, improve efficiency, and generate more value by creating more deep linked campaigns.

Bulk Link Tools screen showing Link Title, Original Web URL, Feature, Channel, Campaign, and Tags columns along with a button to Publish Bulk Links.


Review our documentation to explore more features of LinkHub.

When to upgrade to the Branch Advanced Platform?

By upgrading to the Branch Advanced Platform, you can reduce manual work and troubleshooting, lower costs associated with other data governance tools, and eliminate operational inefficiencies.

If your team spends a lot of time creating links, you have multiple internal teams creating deep linked campaigns, or you have a hard time standardizing link parameters and schemas across campaigns, it’s time to move to the Branch Advanced Platform. In addition to LinkHub, we innovate and invest in the Branch Advanced Platform to ensure we continue solving the biggest linking challenges for enterprises.

Ready to save time, increase efficiency, and get more value from Branch? Reach out to your account team to learn more about LinkHub and upgrade to the Branch Advanced Platform.