Branch Product Updates: October 2017

Welcome to Branch’s October product update blog. The primary theme of this month is a brand new analytics system and improved experience in the dashboard. We have a lot to share, especially with how your numbers will change (for the better). Read on to see how you can take advantage.


New Analytics Platform

We’re excited to announce our new Analytics Platform. We hope you’ll try out, if you haven’t already! Branch spent over 10 months re-writing our entire analytics platform to best suit your needs. You will notice different numbers for installs, clicks, and events, more predefined and standardized events, a better dashboard user experience, and more. Try it out by clicking the banner of the summary page, and let us know your feedback. Comprehensive changes are available here.

The biggest source of difference for your analytics numbers is due to Branch separating deep linking and attribution. We attribute even if the original 2 hour window for deep linking has passed. This means more installs and more converted events in your dashboard – so your numbers should look better.


Exporting Data

When we mentioned we re-designed our entire analytics infrastructure, we meant it. If you preview the new analytics platform, you’ll notice we’ve standardized a lot of common events, like a pageview or a reinstall. This means easier data analysis for you. Now you can export just those standard events, as well. Try the new exports system here.


As we enhanced our analytics by separating deep linking and attribution, we standardized events. You may have exported data previously and seen that events like “pageview”, “web session start”, and “SMS sent” all rolled up into one generic “event”. Now, we’ve separated those into their own events, and have unified the data models behind them. All events have consistent definitions and data fields associated with them.


Journeys Scheduling

An important and oft-requested feature is finally available to help optimize your web-to-app strategies: Journeys scheduling. You can schedule when a Journey will start or stop, opening up a whole new set of possibilities with planning a web-to-app campaign. This feature includes timezone control and repetition, making it easier to handle global and scalable campaigns. Read more here.


Journeys Controls

Automatically open the app when the user has it already for specific Journeys templates. To get started, simply enable in the Journey’s template editor. Read more here.

That does it for our October 2017 product update. If you have any questions, let us know at [email protected]!