Branch Partners: Upcoming Changes to Your Analytics

Hey Branch Partners,

We wanted to share an exciting update to the Branch Dashboard. Starting on October 23rd, 2017, you’ll have the option to preview our new analytics platform, which provides an enhanced dashboard user experience, and improved analytics numbers.

As part of the change, you will likely notice an increase in the number of Branch installs tracked, which is an intended benefit of our new analytics. In addition, you will notice increased granularity level of the analytics you are used to seeing on your Branch dashboard for clicks, installs, opens, and custom events.

With the new analytics platform, we’ll automatically track more user actions such as re-installs and categorize more events, such as CTA views (e.g. Deepviews) and SMS sends. Additionally, the 2-hour attribution window for deep linking will be distinct from the attribution window for analytics, meaning attribution of an event can occur even if the original deep linking window has passed.

Branch has spent the last few quarters building a new analytics platform based on on feedback from our partners, and this new analytics platform should provide a whole new level of insight to your campaigns, attributions, and their overall performances.

Starting October 23rd, you’ll be able to preview the new analytics platform through a toggle on the dashboard. You’ll be able to switch back and forth between the current and new analytics platforms as much as you’d like. Both old and new analytics will remain active through 2017, and we will let you know in advance when the new analytics dashboard will become the default version. For more information, view documentation on what has changed here.

We’d love to hear your feedback when you try the new analytics out. If you have feedback or questions in the meantime, reach out to your Branch account manager, or send an email to [email protected].