Branch Product Release Updates: April 2017

Spring has sprung at Branch and we’re excited to share our April product updates. This month we’re giving the Branch dashboard an important revamp, adding powerful new Journeys functionality, and keeping our linking infrastructure ?.

New Navigation

The core philosophy behind the Branch product is that brands use it everywhere, across every channel and user. We want our new Branch dashboard to reflect that. From optimizing your web-to-app conversion funnels by building Journeys, deep linking email campaigns, analyzing cross-channel performance, or creating quick links to share on social, brands have found a use for Branch nearly everywhere. Many of you who have been with Branch for more than a few months have evolved to the point of building more than ten different features on the platform, and we’re delighted to see that level of dedication. Read more about the changes to our navigation here.

WHERE: In your dashboard, at

Journeys Prioritization

We’re rolling out new functionality for our Journeys power users. You can now choose which Journeys should show when site visitors are eligible for multiple Journeys. Drag and drop Journeys into the order you’d like them to show, and your website visitors will see the Journey that you’ve prioritized first.

WHERE: In the dashboard at

HOW: From your Journeys home page, click the toggle to switch into Priority View. You can now drag and drop Journeys into the order you’d like. Finally, save your priority order. More details can be found in our documentation.

Singular Data Integration

With a click of a button, send all of your Branch install data to Singular to analyze ROI on your campaigns. With Singular’s granular dashboard, gain deeper insights into your Branch campaigns’ performance and build engaging workflows for your Branch cohorts.

WHERE: Look for the Singular card at

HOW: Enter your credentials and enable the card (complete the billing prompts if required). You should see data flowing to Singular in a few hours.

Revenue Analytics Improvements

Revenue Analytics now has full support for foreign currencies. Branch translates revenue amounts in real time based on current exchange rates. This allows you to track purchases in many currencies and see meaningful aggregates across all of them (in USD). In addition, we have been working hard on stability and bug patches for Revenue Analytics. If you have feedback or feature requests, please let us know.

HOW: Check out our documentation for detailed instructions on how to integrate revenue events.

iOS 10.3 App Store Redirect Support

Apple has thrown yet another curveball at mobile developers with the latest update on iOS 10.3, introducing a blocking prompt before sending users to the App Store across all links (Branch or otherwise). We’ve introduced passive deepviews as an elegant solution to handle all edge cases, which can be customized and styled on our dashboard.

More to come as we continue to analyze the expected impact that this change will have on your growth strategies.