Branch Product Updates: September 2017

Welcome to Branch’s September product update blog post. This month, we’ve continued to invest in all channels, and included features to help enterprise partners onboard smoothly and securely. Read on to see ways we’re improving your deep linking everywhere and making your mobile marketing lives easier.

We’re excited to share the release of Single Sign-on support for the Branch dashboard. Branch supports Single Sign-on with SAML 2.0, integrating with identity providers like OneLogin and Okta. Reach out to your Branch Account Manager to learn more.

We’ve improved the integration experience in Journeys, as we now pass back link data in your Web SDK event listeners. Use this link data to tie together a Journey or Template name. This will also help get data over to 3rd party platforms you’re using through Data Integrations. This is a great feature if you’d like to have flexibility over the analytics you collect in Journeys. Implement here.

We’ve also added a new audience rule to Journeys that lets you target webpages containing certain metatags. This provides Journeys customers with a flexible new way to build audiences, and is particularly useful for targeting different webpage categories. Get started by adding metatags to your website and using the “Is viewing a page with hosted deeplink data key” audience filter in Journeys.

Last but not least, we continue to add more email service providers to our platform. We’ve added Leanplum, Kahuna, Mandrill, Bronto, and Sparkpost. Check out our email onboarding page to get started. If there’s an email service provider not on this list that you want Branch to partner with, send us a note at [email protected]

There you have it. September’s been an action packed month for Branch’s product org. As we close out Q3, we look forward to continuing the partnership with you and making your apps successful. Happy Linking!