Web to App – Strategies to Propel Mobile Growth

Thursday, July 27, 2023

10:00 AM PST

“Web to App – Strategies to Propel Mobile Growth,” dives into the power of personalized marketing to boost conversions and app downloads. Discover how to leverage data and tailor messaging for moderate to high-intent audiences organically in addition to paid strategies. Through real-life use cases from Branch Journey and ASA, learn how personalization can drive higher engagement and conversions, and gain insights from Phiture on optimizing performance through creative testing. Unlock the potential of hyper-personalization!

  • Understand the benefits of focusing on moderate to high-intent audiences for increased conversions and app downloads.
  • Learn from real-world use cases how data-driven personalization can enhance messaging and increase engagement.
  • Learn how to convert web visitors into highly engaged app users.
  • Discover best practices for creative testing to optimize performance and achieve successful personalization strategies.



Amanda Vandiver


Amanda first joined Branch in 2017, where her success as an Account Executive propelled her to become a founding member of Branch’s product marketing team in 2019. Now as the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Branch’s Mobile Linking Platform, Amanda plays a pivotal role in helping mobile teams understand the value of Branch’s linking and measurement solutions for owned and earned channels. She is a connector, creator, and storyteller with a track record for leading strategic product launches, market research, enablement, and platform positioning.

Maria João Branco

Performance Marketing Consultant @ Phiture

Maria João Branco is a Performance Marketing Consultant at Phiture, an award-winning mobile growth consultancy and agency. With her expertise in planning and executing digital acquisition campaigns for both web and app platforms, Maria João is skilled at devising comprehensive User Acquisition strategies that yield significant results.

Ramazan Tugay Kahraman

Senior Keyword & Meta-data Specialist @ Phiture

Ramazan Tugay Kahraman is a Senior Keyword & Meta-data Specialist at Phiture. Ramazan is responsible for developing new ASO strategies for Phiture and testing ideas that have not been tried before in the field of ASO and have more than 8 years of experience in SEO and ASO.