Branch Product Updates: July 2017

The theme of July is channel improvements. A lot of our energy was devoted to making sure the channels we already support continue to receive tremendous attention and steady improvements. Branch is your linking platform; as such, we continue to make sure our links support every feature and data you need for all channels.

Deepview Improvements

We’ve introduced easier Deepview management with the ability to delete templates you’re not using anymore. Update your templates accordingly on our Deepviews page.

Previously, we only had a disabled and enabled flag, but now, you can remove clutter and Deepview templates that are no longer necessary. A huge sigh of relief for our partners who have double-digit Deepviews!

Better Journeys Attribution

Since web to app is a central place for app conversions, it’s important that you can get insight into how users are driven to your website before being converted to your app. Now, if you’re using Branch’s Universal Email product – or are driving users to your website running Journeys with any other Branch links – you can track conversions that originated from an Email click that led to a Journey view and ultimately to an app install. See how.

If this behavior isn’t something you require, don’t worry. We’ve made sure to provide an alternative method where the Journey receives the credit for the install, which means the Journey’s deep link data takes precedence over the email deep link data. Simply set make_new_link to true in your Journeys deep link data, and we’ll continue to track attributions the old way. 

Email Improvements

We’ve made improvements to our email onboarding flow on the Dashboard. We’ll give you suggestions to improve your integration, as well as clearer instructions and options on how you want your email deep links to behave.

Choose your deep link behavior.

Validate and test your email integration.

Now, your mission control for specifying email behavior is a whole lot simpler. Change your linking behavior based on the campaigns you’re running and your ultimate strategy. We’ll also recommend features to implement to make sure your deep linking is the smoothest experience it can be on web and in your app. 

That summarizes the changes we’ve made to our products. Some under the hood, some in the user interface, all designed to make sure you’re getting the richest cross-channel data set in mobile, and your users are getting the smoothest experience back into your app.