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About Jersey Mike’s

With over 2,500 locations, Jersey Mike’s legacy is rooted in crafting authentic sub sandwiches, sliced and grilled fresh, and embodying its mission of “Giving… making a difference in someone’s life.” Founded in 1956 as ‘Mike’s Subs’ in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, Jersey Mike’s has evolved into a national symbol of quality and community. To give back, the brand partners with local charities for each store opening and hosts the annual Jersey Mike’s Day of Giving, contributing 100% of a day’s sales to the community. 

In an effort to embrace the digital era and adapt to changing customer preferences, Jersey Mike’s introduced its mobile app in 2011. The app seamlessly brings Jersey Mike’s legacy to the fingertips of its devoted customers, offering convenience without compromising the brand’s values. The app facilitates online ordering, provides personalized rewards, and offers exclusive deals while preserving Jersey Mike’s commitment to quality. This digital extension aims to maintain the warm, personable experiences synonymous with its physical stores, fostering deeper customer connections.

Enhancing the customer journey

Determined to understand their digital customers as much as the ones visiting each local store, Jersey Mike’s looked for a reliable and effective way to attribute their various marketing channels and understand which strategies were truly driving customer engagement and growth. This led them to partner with Branch in pursuit of a comprehensive mobile linking and measurement solution. 

By teaming up with Branch, Jersey Mike’s aimed to bridge the visibility gap, accurately attributing its marketing efforts and paving the way for a richer understanding of the customer journey. This, in turn, would enable the creation of more seamless and personalized user experiences.

Connecting the dots with Branch

Tapping into the power of Branch’s mobile linking platform (MLP), Jersey Mike’s captures installs and engagement metrics through various tools and digital channels, such as Quick Links across social media and Journeys mobile web smart banners. Jersey Mike’s also utilizes Branch’s mobile measurement platform (MMP) and deep links across its paid channels. The attribution data provided by Branch helps the Jersey Mike’s team optimize their marketing campaigns and make better investment decisions.

By connecting the dots across different channels, Jersey Mike’s creates a more seamless experience for its users, ultimately driving more in-app purchases and reducing drop-offs.

Now let’s delve into some of the creative ways Jersey Mike’s has deployed Branch across its various channels and campaigns.

Giving back and driving campaign success with Branch Quick Links

Since partnering with Branch, Jersey Mike’s has gained visibility and uncovered insights it previously lacked, allowing its teams to work smarter, not harder. In 2022, Jersey Mike’s launched its 12th annual Day of Giving campaign in which more than 2,000 Jersey Mike’s Subs restaurants nationwide donated 100% of daily sales to the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games and Special Olympics State Programs. 

To promote the Month of Giving initiative, Jersey Mike’s implemented a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that utilized various channels such as paid, organic social, SMS, and push notifications. To track the effectiveness of the campaign, the Jersey Mike’s team used Branch Quick Links, allowing them to easily analyze engagement and purchases through the app.

Jersey Mike's saw a 43% increase in app installs during the 2022 Month of Giving when using deep links to break out of walled gardens Four images of smart phones showing Jersey Mike's use of deep links: 1. Instagram add for Jersey Mike's 2. Safari (destination of Instagram post), where user is prompted to download the app -- "Backed by a Branch link" 3. Jersey Mike's app in the app store 4. Jersey Mike's app opened -- "Upon click the user is taken to the App Store to download the app"

The campaign drove a 43% increase in app installs during the 2022 Month of Giving and won Jersey Mike’s the award for Best Overall Growth Campaign in Branch’s 2022 Mobile Growth Awards.

Promoting app-exclusive offers to boost customer acquisition and engagement

Over the years, Jersey Mike’s has stood out in the Fast Casual Restaurant industry as a thought leader when it comes to delighting customers. Through initiatives like the Day and Month of Giving, Live Nation Sweepstakes, and College Tailgate Tour across America, Jersey Mike’s consistently provides unique opportunities for customers to engage with the brand. May 2023 was no different.

Jersey Mike’s implemented Branch Journeys smart banners to feature an exclusive app-only ‘Free Delivery Tuesday’ offer. This Branch-powered campaign accounted for 13% of total app purchases and 21% of attributed installs for the month of May. More broadly, the ‘Free Delivery Tuesday’ campaign drove 5% of total installs during the first half of the year. What’s truly remarkable? The promotion was only active for five days, occurring solely on Tuesdays throughout the month of May.

Sample image of a Jersey Mike's banner "Jersey Mike's App" "Get Free Delivery Every Tuesday in May." "In App Only" four start (424k)


Growing together

Jersey Mike’s partnership with Branch has delivered impressive results, including a 27% year-over-year increase in monthly active users. By leveraging Branch’s mobile linking and measurement solutions, Jersey Mike’s successfully enhanced its marketing efforts, gaining crucial visibility into customer traffic sources.

Through creative campaigns like the 12th annual Day of Giving and the ‘Free Delivery Tuesday’ offer, Jersey Mike’s harnessed Branch’s platforms to create seamless, personalized user experiences. Its commitment to impactful giving and dedication to enhancing customer engagement underscore how innovative solutions can drive success in the digital era. Jersey Mike’s partnership with Branch serves as an inspiring example for businesses seeking data-driven marketing and customer-centric strategies to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

“Our partnership with Branch has been a game-changer for Jersey Mike’s. With their insights, we’ve gained a deeper understanding of our customer journey, attributing revenue to specific channels like push and text messages. Branch has not only improved our overall customer experience but also helped us connect the dots between downloads, sales, and our digital marketing efforts, paving the way for a more successful and streamlined strategy.”

Kelly McGee, Director of Digital Marketing
Jersey Mike's

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